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The Best Plate Carrier Accessories for 2023

The Best Plate Carrier Accessories For 2023

Plate carriers are versatile pieces of body armor that are guaranteed to provide protection thanks to the hefty plates stashed in them.

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For professionals responding to high-risk situations as well as civilians looking to defend themselves, a plate carrier is one of the most essential pieces of equipment to face modern-day threats. The modern plate carrier such as this one from Chase Tactical can offer tons of versatility with a wide range of plate carrier accessories, plus the ballistic protection when using armor plates, makes is the most elemental piece of tactical equipment you can have in any kit.

Plate carriers are also helpful because you can fit them with accessories to make it easier to operate your weapon. Plate carrier accessories include extra armor, ammunition for your weapon, and pouches to help you store valuables. 

Whether you are looking for a gift for the ammo lover in your life or just shopping for yourself so you can be prepared, here are the best accessories to have with a plate carrier in 2023.

Plate Carrier Accessories: Utility Pouches

Chase Tactical Joey Utility Pouch
Chase Tactical JOEY Utility Pouch hangs under the front flap of most plate carriers

A plate carrier can do so much more than just protect you from weapons. You can use the carrier as the base for attaching other important things. To maximize your storage space on the carrier, the best plate carrier accessories you can get are pouches. 

Utility pouches are small, lightweight pouches that attach securely to your plate carrier, allowing you to carry more things while keeping your hands free to operate your weapon. You can use them to store additional ammunition, medical supplies, or communication equipment to radio information and call for help. 

The most convenient are front flap pouches such as this one. Front flap pouches attach under the front of your plate carrier, using Velcro or Hook and Loop technology that is easy to attach but also secure. 

The pocket is easy to access, meaning you can get whatever you need without exposing yourself by rummaging around. Plus, the placement is convenient, so it doesn’t impede your movement.

For extra storage, get a MOLLE cummerbund which goes around your waist, also providing extra protection and cushioning.

Plate Carrier Ammo Pouches and Mag Holders

Some of the most valuable plate carrier accessories are ammo pouches and mag holders. These accessories ensure that you will never run out of ammunition in a dangerous situation by helping you stock up on ammo.

There are a few different types of ammunition pouches that you can get, depending on the type of ammunition you need and the placement you want. For example, Chase Tactical sells flashbang pouches, mag holders for pistols and different-sized guns, and shotgun strip pouches. These pouches attach via Hook and Loop or Snap flap technology wherever is convenient on your plate carrier, for example, near your shoulder strap.

Before buying an ammo pouch, think carefully about the situation you need it for. Do you need multiple mags to reload, or do you need space for just one? What weapon are you using? If you use weapons that use different types of ammunition, it’s worth buying multiple ammo pouches so you can switch out the accessories depending on which one you are using.

The Best Plate Carrier Accessories For 2023

First Aid Equipment Pouches

Besides general utility pouches and ammo pouches, store valuable equipment on your plate carriers with pouches designed specifically for first aid equipment. If you’re going into a high-risk situation where you have to wear a plate carrier, there’s always the potential you or a colleague could get injured. It’s best to have first aid equipment on hand.

Makers of tactical equipment, such as Chase Tactical, have pouches designed specifically for different types of medical equipment, such as medical shears and tourniquets, making it easy to find what you need immediately without digging around a packed utility pouch. 

If you don’t want to load your plate carrier down with several different pouches, you can just get a first aid pouch where you keep shears, tourniquets, bandages, and other equipment necessary to provide emergency first aid.

Personal Retention Lanyards

If you are a professional who will be using your plate carrier and need something to secure you then get a personal retention lanyard.  Personal Retention Lanyards will secure into your belt and are ideal for Maritime and Helicopter operations.

Personal Retention Lanyards can be secured or released using just one hand.

Make sure you get lanyards that are designed for personal retention with features such as strong cording, automatic cable clamping, maximum tension, and easy release so you can use it tactically.

Ideally, you want a lanyard that has a clamp with a double gate system, which makes it easy to release intentionally but nearly impossible to loosen the lanyard accidentally and send you plummeting.

Personal Retention Lanyard + Tango Carabiner &Amp; Frog Connector

Shoulder Pads

Plate carriers are great equipment, but all that protective armor can get heavy, especially if you are adding on pouches full of ammunition, first aid equipment, and more. Shoulder pads go under the shoulder strap of your plate carrier. 

They are wider than the shoulder straps of the plate carrier, dispersing the weight and cushioning the force. If you have to wear your plate carrier for long periods of time, shoulder pads are essential for comfort and health.

Enhanced Shoulder Pads


If you really want a heavy-duty set-up, a backpack is the perfect accessory for a plate carrier. Backpacks provide maximum storage space, perfect if you’re going on missions for entire days. 

Plus, armored backpacks provide protection for your back, while plate carriers mostly cover your chest. Many tactical backpacks even come with water carriers, perfect for long days hiking through dry terrain.

Tactical Backpacks

Final thoughts

Get the most out of your plate carriers with multipurpose accessories. From pouches to shoulder pads, Chase Tactical has the best gear for amateurs and professionals alike. Shop today or share this article with someone you know who also needs new gear!

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