What is a Plate Carrier?

Plate carriers are essential gear used in various fields to provide protection and enhance safety.  Join us as we explore their features, uses, and significance.


What are Plate Carriers?

Plate carriers are specialized vests designed to hold ballistic plates and provide protection against projectiles. Let's dive deeper into their components, variations, and historical context.

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Plate Carrier

Plate Carrier Components

Plate carriers consist of several key components:

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- Vest: The central part of the plate carrier that wraps around the torso. - Armor Plates: Hard inserts made of materials like ceramic or composite, offering ballistic protection. - Straps and fasteners: Adjustable elements that secure the vest and plates in place.

Plate Carrier Variations




Lightweight plate carriers: Designed for enhanced mobility and reduced weight.

Modular plate carriers: Feature MOLLE webbing for attaching additional pouches and gear.

Specialized plate carriers: Tailored for specific purposes like medical personnel or breaching teams.

Material and Construction

Plate carriers are typically made of durable materials like nylon or Cordura, ensuring longevity and protection in demanding environments.

Plate Carrier Main Functions

Ballistic Protection


The primary purpose of plate carriers is to provide ballistic protection. They incorporate ballistic plates, which are capable of stopping projectiles and reducing the risk of injury.

Plate carrier by themselves do not offer any ballistic protection. You need corresponding body armor plates in order to be protected.  Plate carriers are designed to hold body armor plates that provide protection against rifle rounds, and that protection is dependent on the level rating of said armor.


Plate Carrier Main Functions

Load-Bearing Capabilities


Plate carriers are also designed to accommodate additional gear through the use of MOLLE webbing. This modular system allows users to attach compatible pouches, holsters, and communication devices securely.


Plate carriers play a crucial role in providing protection and enhancing safety in various fields like military operations, rescue, Law enforcement, competitive shooting, or personal defense, plate carriers offer valuable benefits.

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