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Chase Tactical and AvantLink have teamed up and are here to help you build a thriving niche site, supercharge your website and social media channel’s monetization strategies, and elevate your affiliate earnings. Once onboard you will have access to a leading-edge suite of tools, empowering you to drive substantial traffic, skyrocket conversion rates, and ultimately, maximize your profitability. Explore the detailed opportunities available on our Affiliate Program Detail Page on AvantLink. If you’re impressed with what you find, and you’re eager to capitalize on this worthwhile opportunity, apply today to join our affiliate program and begin unlocking your full potential, while also earning rewards and maximizing your financial opportunities.

Let’s work together to increase brand awareness of Chase Tactical and the exceptional products we offer. Together, we can unleash the full potential of your efforts and capitalize on every opportunity for success..

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10 %

Base Commission Rate


Premium Commission Rate

60 Day

Cookie Life


SKUs Available


Restrictions on Products

FREE Shipping

On Orders $150+

| Chase Tactical | Tactical Gear



  • We offer a 10% base commission.
  • Premium commission rates of up to 17% available for top performing affiliates.
  • 60 day cookie life.
  • Average order value over $100+.
  • Free shipping on orders $150+
  • No commission restrictions on product categories or SKUs.
  • Responsive dedicated in-house Affiliate Management.
  • In-house Customer Success team available via phone and email.



  • We work with a range of digital media partners including: blogs, publishers, product review sites, industry related sites and social media influencers.
  • We expect partnering affiliates to demonstrate exemplary behavior.
  • We must be able to contact you when needed. A current email address and phone number are required.


Amplify your online presence and boost revenue streams!