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// Chase Tactical is proud to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of military & government-approved body armor plates designed, developed, and manufactured using state-of-the-art processes and equipment to ensure quality and performance. Our ballistic armor is categorized as “one the best in the world” and can be vouched for by our customers at the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Federal and State Agencies.  All of Chase Tactical armor plates are Made in the USA and NIJ compliant, with models available for NIJ 0101.06 and NIJ 2005 Interim standards. Learn how choosing the right Body Armor Levels can help save lives in the field. //

Daily tested and used by the DoD + International Coalition Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.

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Nij 0101.06 Armor
Nij 2005 Armor
Level Iii Armor


4S17 Level IV Hard Armor Plate

NIJ 0101.06 Certified & DEA Compliant Stand Alone Single Curve Hard Armor Plates

The 4S17 Hard Body Armor ballistic insert provides protection against projectiles, shrapnel and improves the performance of ballistic vest and tactical EOD search suits.  This insert comes in our modified Shooter’s Cut, Swimmer’s Cut, SAPI Cut, and Full Cut and is available in a Multi-Curve configuration.  Providing protection from Armor Piercing munitions, the CT-4S17 is an ideal choice for end users seeking an affordable high performing ballistic resistant armor plate.

  • Protection: Level IV Stand Alone Armor Piercing
  • NIJ Standard 0101.06: This product has been certified compliant by NIJ
  • DEA: Hard Armor Protocol Compliant
  • RST: Rifle Special Threats Validated
  • Material: Ceramic strike face composite backing
  • Exterior Cover: 1000D Cordura®, Textured Nylon
  • Thinness: 0.95”
  • Cut: The 10” x 12” shooters cut plates are considered nominal and the actual measurement is 9.5” x 11.5”.
  • Warranty:10 years on all ballistic material excluding exterior cover and 1 year on exterior cover material and workmanship
  • Disclaimer: Text shown on strike face is for marketing purposes only. The actual labels on Chase Tactical products are NIJ approved self-adhesive labels.

SKU# CT-4S17

4S17 Level Iv Hard Armor Plate


Chase Tactical’s body armor plates are made in the U.S.A. using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and equipment to ensure top quality and ultimate protection when deployed by operators throughout numerous tactical and urban situations. Our hard armor plates are NIJ compliant, with models available for NIJ 2005 Interim and NIJ 0101.06 standards. In addition, they undergo special threat assessment, and some models are independently tested according to the NIJ 0108.01 standard.

How to Choose the Right Level of Body Armor Protection

Need body armor? Make sure that you select the right level of protection. Choosing inadequate armor could mean the difference between life and death. Here is what you should know.

Chase Tactical Rifle Insert Anti Spall Sleeve Body Armor Plate

Body Armor Levels of Protection

Armor is categorized based on the types of threats that it protects against, including:

Ballistic Protection Body Armor

Ballistic protection

Spike Protection Body Armor

Spike protection

Blade Protection

Edge Blade protection

Ballistic protection is offered by ballistic body armor, which is also commonly called bulletproof resistant armor. Ballistic armor offers protection from bullets. The level of resistance to a bullet is based on standards created by the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ). However, body armor designed for ballistic protection are not necessarily designed to protect against knives. Also, a stab proof armor will not protect against spiked weapons unless it is specifically designed to do so. This is all because the way weapons penetrate the protection material.

NIJ standards are the only nationally accepted standards for body armor worn by military and law enforcement personnel. In July 2008, the NIJ released standard 0101.06, which supersedes the NIJ 2005 Interim standard.

NIJ Armor Protection Levels

NIJ compliant armors are tested against ballistics of different calibers and categorized into one of the following armor levels:

  • Level I – Obsolete level of ballistic protection
  • Level IIa – The lowest level of protection
  • Level II – Protection against handguns (up to .357)
  • Level IIIa – Protection against handguns (up to .44 magnum rounds)
  • Level III – Protection against rifles (up to 7.62 NATO)
  • Level IV – Protection against rifles (up to .30 armor piercing)

The level of protection varies depending on the thickness and density of the material. Level IIIa is the highest level of armor that includes soft material instead of hard plates. Due to its flexibility and level of protection, it is the most common type of soft armor available.

For example, the best-selling Chase Tactical Genesis Soft Body Armor features Level IIIa protection and is NIJ Standard 0101.06 certified.

Soft Body Armor vs. Hard Body Armor

Armor is often categorized as soft or hard. Soft armor is lighter and more flexible, offering less protection against high-caliber gunfire. Hard armor includes steel, titanium, or ceramic plates.

Soft armor is typically made from flexible materials, such as Kevlar and aramid. It typically covers NIJ protection Levels I to IIIa.

Hard armor covers NIJ protection Levels III to IV. Hard armor is thicker and stops heavier bullets. Due to its rigidity, it is often used for inserts and ballistic shields.

Soft Body Armor Vs Hard Body Armor
Backpack Armor

What is Backpack Armor?

Backpack armor typically includes hard armor plates with Level IIIa or Level III ballistic resistance. Backpack armor from Chase Tactical is suitable for a diverse range of situations. Along with adding the inserts to a backpack, you can use our backpack armor in laptop bags, iPad bags, and other forms of luggage and storage.

What’s the Difference Between Ballistic Blankets and Shields?

A ballistic shield provides added protection for operators as they close in on a target. A ballistic blanket helps create a barrier for fortifying a position. Here is a closer look at both options.

Ballistic Blankets

A ballistic blanket is a type of soft armor. Ballistic blankets are made from high-strength ballistic fabric that provides a protective barrier against projectiles. These blankets are often deployed when operators need to quickly establish a barrier, such as during an active shooter situation or a breach. At Chase Tactical, our blankets are made with high-quality Aramid and Kevlar materials. The combination of materials offers high tensile strength yet remains lighter compared to hard metal plates.

Our ballistic armor blanket is available in a variety of sizes and provides Level IIIa protection against handguns and shrapnel. It is independently tested according to the NIJ 0108.01 standard. The NIJ Standard 0108.01 was released in 1985 and introduced the Level IIIa threat level classification.

Ballistic Shields

A ballistic shield is a handheld protection device typically used by SWAT teams and other law enforcement officers as breaching tools and for protection against ballistic threats.

Chase Tactical offers a selection of ballistic shields with Level IIIa, Level III, and Level IV armor levels. You can also choose from shields with high-power LED lights, shoulder straps, and other features.

These shields offer greater tactical visibility and allow for long-gun deployment from prone, kneeling, and standing positions. As with our ballistic blankets, the ballistic shields are independently tested to comply with NIJ standards.

Always Choose NIJ Certified Ballistic Body Armor

The bottom line is that armor is an essential consideration for most military and law enforcement activities. Choosing the right level of protection decreases the risk of fatal injury from bullets and other threats. Chase Tactical is the standard in modern body armor. We have a wide range of armor with varying levels of protection and designs to suit your specific applications.

Our armor is worn by operators around the world in some of the most dangerous environments. We are also a veteran-owned, service-disabled small business based in the United States. All armor is NIJ compliant and made in the USA using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Browse our high-quality body armor

 find the right level of protection for your operations.

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