Chase Tactical Triple Kangaroo 5.56 Mag Insert

The Chase Tactical Triple Kangaroo 5.56 Mag Insert will fit 3 – 30 round 5.56mm magazines.

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1, 2, 3 Load your mags with ease with Chase Tactical’s Triple Kangaroo 5.56 Mag Insert

The triple kangaroo front mag insert panel is secured with hook & loop into the carrier and is designed to fit the GENESIS, MEAC, and LVPC Plate Carriers. The triple kangaroo mag insert will fit 3 – 30 round 5.56mm magazines.

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Customer Reviews

9 reviews for Chase Tactical Triple Kangaroo 5.56 Mag Insert

  1. Avatar Of Paul L.

    Verified owner Paul L. (verified owner)

    Love it

  2. Avatar Of Daniel Cannard

    Verified owner Daniel Cannard (verified owner)

    I bought this for the LVPC, having mistaken it for the long out of stock “Chase Tactical Triple 5.56 Velcro Mag Pouch.” To be fair, the only differences appear to be the dimensions and retention methods, whereas this item (the “Kangaroo Insert” for brevity) uses elastic loops and the “Velcro Mag Pouch” seems to sit mags deeper without other retention. I wanted the other item because it seemed to match the LVPC’s cummerbund dimensions more closely and appeared less intrusive overall, not to mention the lack of elastic bands was more similar to what I used to use. Regardless, the Velcro Mag Pouch has been out of stock for months, and I have this one in hand, so I intend on keeping it.
    Regarding this specific product, I picked it up for two reasons: 1) because I wanted something to somewhat expand the limited storage on the LVPC in the incredibly unlikely event that I would need it (or could even use it), and 2) to make going to the range to train easier if I ever find consistent ways to do so again considering that I’m physically disabled following a military career, where walking without a cane is difficult and even benchrest shooting can prove difficult. Obviously, I’m not doing anything high-speed tactical any time soon. My main purpose for the LVPC in the first place is for wear in an emergency (likely in a wheelchair, to be honest), so to say my needs are light-use would be an understatement. Please consider this while reading my review, as I may be lacking in fundamentals these days.
    The pouch on receipt was obviously in need of being broken in. With what I had on hand as “mags,” the middle pouch was almost too tight to even load; I imagine what I have to likely be out of spec, so I imagine most users won’t find a problem. Still, polymer mags may prove an issue, at least initially, so taking some time to practice getting your mags in and out of each pocket while off of your plate carrier (PC) should help this issue.
    As for how it mounts to compatible PCs, it seems like you just stick it on the velcro loops where the [in this case] LVPC’s cummerbund attaches, and then just close it all on top of it. Do note that the Kangaroo insert does not cover the whole velcro surface of the LVPC, so it leaves a small portion of the velcro hooks unconnected. I found that aligning the Kangaroo insert along the top edge (with the lower velcro hooks unconnected) gave better results than centering or aligning along the lower edge. Despite having something like 1/5th of the velcro closure unconnected, the LVPC still seemed to fit normally.
    While wearing the LVPC with this insert (with practice level IV hard plates, I don’t have anything to simulate soft armor inserts), it appears (at this stage of breaking-in for mine, and using dummy mags) very difficult, if not impossible, to insert a mag into an empty pocket (which will negatively affect some reloading techniques, and may make a roll-up dump pouch requisite for use). However, this also comes with an unexpected benefit that may have eluded some prospective buyers from its less-than-thorough advertisement on this page: you can easily and quickly strip off this insert, and either replace it with another full one or reload it off-body while still wearing your PC. This aspect is quite interesting, and could be a decent reason to buy more than just one Kangaroo Insert (and likely the Velcro Mag Pouch, as well). Having now discovered this aspect of this product, I could even see these products used as mag organizers for everyone from competition shooters to police patrolmen, and the concept expanded beyond just the several plate carriers this product is designed for. I’m only noting this as a theory, but the solid velcro and elastic-compressive retention system appears as / more solid as / than molle, and much faster to reconfigure. Chase is potentially onto something with these inserts/pouches, and I could see a full-sized PC incorporating the concept on a larger scale.
    The mag-retention is accomplished through compressive force from an elastic cord sewn to the front and tied through a grommet to the rear. A pull tab is sewn somewhat snuggly around the elastic cord, but not anchored. While the cord is too short to allow for much adjustment, it could theoretically be extended for use with larger-capacity mags. While this kind of retention seems a bit much for the applications an LVPC might see, it may be appreciated by users who need to assure mag retention above visible profile or (more vitally) accessibility and reload speed. Regardless, every user will have unique circumstances to their applications, so it’s all one’s preference on this one. I personally, as an ultra-light-duty user, and based on preferences when I wasn’t a light-duty user, would have preferred the Velcro Mag Pouch… but it’s sold out and I have this one now, so I won’t worry about it.
    There’s really not much more to say regarding this product at this point for me. I may come back and edit this review if I find things I like or dislike in using it, but it seems well made and well thought out by Chase, so I don’t expect to have anything worth noting come up in the future. I’ve come to respect Chase as a company and the position of their products in the market; here’s hoping they keep it up over time, especially for those of you who are still able to put their heavy duty products to good use. Stay safe out there, all, and I hope my review helps you to choose the gear that’s right for you.

  3. Avatar Of Matt Lehman

    Verified owner Matt Lehman (verified owner)

    Seems well made. I haven’t used it yet except for putting a few mags in and out , not installed on a plate carrier. Good retention, only hiccup is the mags can get hung up on a seam edge inside the holder. Do t think it will be any kind of big deal just something I noticed

  4. Avatar Of Anonymous

    Verified owner Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Avatar Of Alexander H.

    Verified owner Alexander H. (verified owner)

    Exceptional product which fills a niche which many manufacturers overlook

  6. Avatar Of Ryan R.

    Verified owner Ryan R. (verified owner)

  7. Avatar Of William A.

    Verified owner William A. (verified owner)

  8. Avatar Of Bradley B.

    Verified owner Bradley B. (verified owner)

    These are a solid mag pouch setup. At first they’re tight and stuff but after about 10 mag draws from them they loosen up and become exactly where they need to be.

  9. Avatar Of Matthew Irving

    Verified owner Matthew Irving (verified owner)

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