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Active Shooter (ASR) Response Kits

When firearms fall into the wrong hands, innocent people are open to danger. We live in a world rich with firearms, with which most of us defend our home and country. However, threats exist beyond our control, and there’s no better way to prepare for those threats than with an active shooter kit.

Active shooter armor kits from Chase Tactical are equipped with the ballistic armor necessary to protect you  in the event of an active shooter emergency. In such a scenario, our kits can be donned  in a matter of moments so you will be ready to guard the people and things that are important to you.

Why Should I Buy Active Shooter Armor Kits?

Weapons exist in our country, and we support the right to bear arms. But even the most seasoned weapons expert can fall at the hands of a criminal or terrorist if the circumstances are not in his or her favor. Push the odds of survival and danger mitigation in your direction by keeping an all-inclusive active shooter response kit with you in all the places you want to defend. If the day comes that you must use it (and hopefully it won’t), you’ll be glad you prepared.

Active Shooter Kits

    • Active Response Carrier System (ARCS)
      Be properly equipped to engage real world threats with the Chase Tactical Active Response Carrier System (ARCS.)  The ARCS was designed for law enforcement officers to rapidly up-armor and provide protection from rifle fired munitions in a plate carrier that can immediately don over existing unifor . . .
      SKU: CT-ARCS
    • Low Vis Plate Carrier Soft Armor Combo Package
      Low Vis Plate Carrier and 1 Set (Front & Back) Chase Tactical Level IIIA NIJ 06 Soft Armor specifically cut for the Chase Tactical LOW VIS Plate Carrier. Chase Tactical LOW VIS Plate Carrier (LVPC) is specifically designed as a concealable LOW VIS plate carrier designed to hold 10″ x 12 . . .

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