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Communication in the field is a tactical necessity, and you can’t do it without a radio. But when the firefight is hot and you need information just as much as you need two hands to handle your weapon, a pouch will quickly become your best friend. MOLLE-integratable radio pouches from Chase Tactical are the solution to your radio storage woes. Get the latest intelligence from your radio without the need to hand-carry, then quickly deploy your radio with an easy-to-operate case covering that keeps your mind in the battle, not on your storage. From professionals who work hazardous duty zones to heavy machine operators, people from all walks of life can take advantage of the convenience and utility of a tactical radio pouch.

Chase Tactical takes the time to find out where to order the toughest, easiest to use pouches that suit the needs of operators and adventurers. Use the pouches we offer with Multicam tactical gear and strap them to your MOLLE carry equipment to upgrade your tactical effectiveness on the battlefield. Add one to your work outfit, hunting garb, or adventure gear and enjoy the convenience of an easy-access storage pouch for all of your communications. Whether you work with Special Weapons and Tactics, carry out time-sensitive sneaking missions, or take on legendary rock climbs, a pouch will keep you informed and alive.

Radio Pouches

    • Banshee – Warrior Pouch Package (Banshee + 3 Pouches)
      Banshee – Warrior Pouch Package (Banshee + 3 Warrior Pouches) One Price – One Complete Kit KIT INCLUDES (1) Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier – Choose Color (1) Triple Molle Open M4/5.56mm Pouch – Warrior Assault Systems (1) Adjustable Radio Pouch (Fits Motorola 5000 serie . . .
    • Warrior Assault Systems Adjustable Radio Pouch
      The Adjustable Radio Pouch (ARP) has secure elastic binding allowing for a universal fit for a variety of coms units. Internally there is a Velcro strip that can be adjusted to determine the radio height and a corded retention strap with a fast tex fastener which can be adjusted to fit. The whole po . . .
      SKU: W-EO-ARP
    • Warrior Assault Systems MBITR Radio Pouch Gen 1
      Warriors Gen 1 MBITR radio pouch is suitable for the PRC-148 radio. The Gen 1 MBITR radio pouch takes up 2 horizontal rows of MOLLE on any compatible plate carrier or chest rig.
    • Warrior Assault Systems MBITR Radio Pouch Gen 2
      Warrior’s Gen 2 MBITR Pouch has a folding design to be worn with the radio controls facing the operator allowing easy access to the control buttons program indicators and digital screen. Fits PRC-148 radio. 2 Inch Elastic on the front panel allows a C.A.T to be carried and accessed quickly, th . . .
      SKU: W-EO-MBITR-G2
    • Warrior Assault Systems Personal Role Radio Pouch
      The Warrior PRR Radio Pouch takes up 2 horizontal rows of MOLLE on any compatible plate carrier, chest rig, belt or bag.
      SKU: W-EO-PRR

Features & Benefits of Pouches:

The MOLLE-ready radio pouch is a super lightweight way to make sure that your radio stays by your side and undamaged no matter what conditions in which you have to operate.

Weather Resistant – Helps keep rain, mud, and debris from interfering with essential transmissions

Carry Equipment Ready – Strap a pouch into your MOLLE carry gear without exhausting valuable space

Always-On Communication – Even with your hands full, you can still receive communications essential to mission success

Quick Access – When you need to share vital intelligence, just snap the hood back and pull out your radio

Typical, low-quality radio hooks and holsters put your indispensable communications tools at risk of falling, breaking, cracking, shorting, and disappearing. Take no chances – grab a pouch.

Common Applications for Military Radio Pouches:

For warriors:

●     Fierce combat – call in reinforcements and get back to fighting fast

●     Combat control – scout and send intelligence without compromising your safety

●     Chases – keep your team informed during high-stakes chases

For adventurers:

●     Team hunts – radio in weather and game behavior changes

●     Rock climbs – send instructions to climbers on tandem climbs

●     Survival – keep in contact even when separated

Why Should I Buy a Military Radio Pouch?

Radios are undeniably necessary pieces of equipment in any number of situations. Sometimes, you need to multi-task with a radio. There may be a time when it becomes essential to receive information while performing mission-critical tasks, or you may need to carry equipment, weapons, or even injured soldiers while maintaining an open communication channel. When sending and receiving information can’t take a backseat to your mission, a pouch will save the day, rain or shine.

Order Your Tactical Radio Pouches from Chase Tactical Today

Have your radio on hand or stored safely in a moment’s notice with pouch and we’ll ship any order totaling over $150 to your home or office with free shipping. Get more information about special pricing for business, government, and agency orders by simply requesting a quote. All of our products are selected for use in high-demand situations as well as everyday scenarios. Join our mailing list today for more information. Please contact us using our contact page or email with your questions or concerns. Stay informed while on the move – order your MOLLE-ready radio pouches from Chase Tactical now!

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