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Equipping sling mounts on the field can help members of the Military, Law Enforcement, SOF, and civilians secure their firearms close to the body while in motion, allowing the operator to use both hands for other important tasks. This type of specialized tactical accessory is attached to the users desired firearm and latched with comfortable slings and straps that wrap around the body or shoulders. Sling mounts are made out of durable reinforced steel and can withstand arms weighting up to 300 lbs. Other rail mounts can secure tactical flashlights and other night vision equipment used in today’s modern missions.

Browse Chase Tactical’s great selection of tactical firearm mounts below:


    • Blue Force Gear Black HK Style Hook 1″
      HK Style Hooks are fast, secure sling attachment hardware best suited for smaller sling eyelets found on H&K weapons, SCARs, SIGs, or other smaller eyelets.  The HK Style Hook has a 1″ sling slot and fits on any Padded or Unpadded Vickers Combat Application Sling. Not recommended for elon . . .
      SKU: BLFPHK100
    • Magpul ASAP Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point
      The ASAP was designed to give a shooter over 180 degrees range of motion of the sling attachment point and can be used ambidextrously by both left or right handed shooters. This sling mount gives the shooter a tactical advantage allowing a full range of motion and minimizes binding while switching s . . .
      SKU: MP-MAG500
    • Magpul MSA – MOE Sling Attachment
      The MSA (MOE Sling Attachment) attaches directly to MOE Hand Guards and Forends, providing a forward sling attachment point for the Magpul MS3® Sling and other clip-in sling systems. Like the RSA®, the MSA is made of steel and is nitrocarburized for wear and corrosion resistance. Made in U.S.A.
      SKU: MP-MAG504
    • Magpul RSA Rail Sling Attachment
      The RSA provides a low profile forward sling attachment point for the Magpul MS2 or MS3 and other clip-in systems. Made from nitrocarburized steel for wear and corrosion resistance, the RSA attaches to any 1913 Picatinny rail and has been proven to withstand stress tests of over 300 pounds while onl . . .
      SKU: MP-MAG502
    • Viking Tactics Lamb Universal Sling Attachment
      The Viking Tactics L.U.S.A. allows the shooter to select from four different attaching options. With the VTAC – L.U.S.A you can use a quick detach sling swivel, a conventional sling swivel, a hook, or simply run the sling through the sling loop. The VTAC-L.U.S.A. allows a wide variety of optio . . .
    • Viking Tactics Light Mount
      Consistent with the VTAC Mission, the Viking Tactics Light Mount was designed for today’s modern warriors- providing a light-weight and versatile option to mount a flashlight onto any Picatinny rail system. Made of a Modified Acrylic PVC Alloy Thermoplastic with high impact and abrasion resistant . . .
      SKU: VTAC-MK4

Tactical sling and flashlight mounts can be placed on a variety of firearms ranging from sniper and civilian rifles, machine guns, and other specialized weapons on the field. The locking mechanism of mounts allows the shooter to take control of the weapon while running or walking for added safety. Chase Tactical proudly carries tactical mounts from trusted brands like Mag Paul, Viking Tactics, Blue Force Gear, and more.

How to Choose Your Tactical Sling Mounts:
When choosing a mount for a firearm, consider type of sling needed for your particular mission. Slings come in three different types of choices: single point, double point, and three point variations. The choices refer to the location points where the sling can be attached to the firearm. Single-point sling mounts attach to automatic rifles at the end of the receiver, allowing the user to maneuver the rifle between both arms with ease. Double-point sling mounts on the other hand attach to two points of the firearm, giving the user a more secure handling of the weapon. Three-point mounts attach to four parts of the firearm, adding extra control when slinging or while in full motion. Ensuring that you have the right mount for your firearm will help increase precision and control out on the field.

Help the members in your mission safely secure their weapons by ordering tactical sling mounts from Chase Tactical today.

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