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The ballistic shield aids special law enforcement teams in defensive maneuvers as a protective barrier against most types of gunfire. Today’s defensive shields protect against several types of bullets, specifically long gun, hand gun, and shotgun projectiles. Most are straight or curved to maximize the protective surface area of the shield.

Special law enforcement teams use shields when entering hostile territory. SWAT teams frequently employ them to help eliminate the threat of unknown hostile capacity on the opposing side of an infiltration, suppression, or apprehension mission. They protect not only the bearer but also additional SWAT members who serve other protective functions.

Riot police also handle tactical shields to prevent rioters from misusing dangerous weapons. Rioters are often impassioned and cannot control their impulses, causing them to become a threat to public safety. The shield can act as a physical barrier to keep rioters out of areas in which they can cause harm to civilian bystanders.

Ballistic Shields

    • Chase Tactical Level IIIA Ballistic Shield – Pistol Rated
      The Chase Tactical FRSIIIA Ballistic Shield is designed to be lightweight and portable. Ideal for patrol and tactical deployments, the FRSIIIA provides superior bullet resistance to modern day threats facing law enforcement. Constructed from UHMWPE, the ballistic panel is encased in a nylon sleeve . . .

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