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S&S Precision V-Lite


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The V-Lite is part of S&S Precision’s Advanced Illumination & Marking Systems (AIMS). Developed as a personal lighting/ identification system, it easily attaches to many places including armor and helmets. The V-Lite is a reusable light that can be turned on and off as well as cycle through several modes of operation. Its design features a flexible silicone resin-type material that conforms to the surface of which it is attached. This is especially useful on helmets. The back of the V-Lite is covered in hook Velcro for easy attachment. Its low-profile greatly reduces snag hazards as it sits almost flush with the host surface.

The V-Lite has a slim profile that easily slips into PALS webbing. Coupled with the silicone resin housing’s “sticky” texture, the V-Lite is sure to stay put when worn on vests and armor. Traditionally, this has been a problem for Warfighters because until now, chemlights were the only thing available. The V-Lite has many uses. It easily attaches to helmets for use in airborne operations. It attaches to armor for personal lighting or identification in the field. It is also a great addition to any IFAK.

The V-Lite is activated with a simple push of a captured button. Repeated pressing of the button will cycle through constant on and several blinking patterns before turning off.

V-Lite™ Colors: Blue, Green, IR, Orange, Red, White
Available in 1 of 3 Modes: On/Off, Blink/Off or On/Blink/Off
Run-time: 120+ Hours (continuous)
* Run-times vary depending on frequency of use and duration of “ON” cycles
* Battery is not replaceable
Includes Plastic V-Lite sleeve with Velcro backing and Lanyard



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