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Neptune IR Signal Device
  • Neptune IR Signal Device
  • Neptune IR Signal Device
  • Neptune IR Signal Device
  • Neptune IR Signal Device

Neptune IR Signal Device

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Neptune IR Signal Device

Compact, Multi-Function Infrared Beacon

The Neptune IR Beacon from Cejay Engineering is one of the most impressive multi-function units on the market. Its compact size, ease of use, effective modes, and 150’ submersion capability have quickly made it one of the most sought-after beacons in U.S. Naval Special Warfare. The Neptune provides the Warfighter and Law Enforcement Professional several signaling options with variable output modes: flashing/constant on, IR, Blue, and White. The flashing mode provides an intensely bright light that can be used as either an individual or vehicle marker. The visible light modes make this unit great for maritime distress signaling.

The Neptune is a very robust unit, designed to stand up to harsh battlefield conditions including chemical exposure. Its high-impact polymer housing and sealed electronics allow it take abuses that would destroy many other units. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the Neptune is that all this functionality fits into such a compact package. Indeed, it is the smallest unit with this many features. The Neptune can be worn on the wrist with an included Velcro strap, or mounted on PALs webbing with a MALICE clip.

The Neptune is one of the most simple-to-operate and feature-rich Signaling units available. The controls are easily operated with one hand, while wearing gloves. We have yet to find a more versatile unit.

  • Manufacturer:  Cejay Engineering
  • Dimensions:  2.25”(L) x 2”(W) x 1”(H)
  • Weight:  2.7 oz. (w/ Battery)
  • Modes:  Constant ON w/ Brightness Control, Fixed Flash
  • Signal:  IR, White, Blue LED
  • Battery:  One (1) CR123
  • Coverage:  360° x 180°
  • Switching:  Rotate Battery Cap / Mode Switch
  • Battery Life:  100 Hours Flashing | 8 Hours Max Brightness/ Constant ON
  • Submersible:  150′



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