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MATBOCK M3 Skyfins
  • MATBOCK M3 Skyfins
  • MATBOCK M3 Skyfins
  • MATBOCK M3 Skyfins
  • MATBOCK M3 Skyfins
  • MATBOCK M3 Skyfins

MATBOCK M3 Skyfins


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The Matt “MADDOG” Mason (M3) SkyFins were developed to mimic the increased control and maneuverability given by civilian skydiving pants and fit directly over your combat pants and boots.  Simply slide them over your toe, secure the velcro along the side, and then attach the cord around your knee pad.  They are specifically designed to fit the SOCOM PCU Level 9 combat pants with exposed knee pads.

During freefall, the increased surface area will give you more control and will also allow you to track farther.  Made of 500 Weight Cordura with synthetic leather on the bottom of your toe, the M3 SkyFins are designed for durability and survivability.  The M3 SkyFins are also outfitted with a VS-17 signaling panel on each leg.   These panels can be combined to create one large panel for signaling aircraft, thus decreasing the amount single purpose gear required to be carried by each operator.

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