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DRITEK Heavy Duty Hanger


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The Dritek Hanger is the toughest and most versatile garment hanger – in fact it can comfortably hold 66 Lbs! It’s the perfect solution for hanging heavy garments or garments that need to be hung outdoors to dry or air. It enables garments to be hung safely and securely, in a huge variety of sites and situations, while reducing stress to fabrics and prolonging garment performance.
The Dritek Hanger is perfect for hanging wetsuits, drysuits, outdoor clothing, waterproofs and protective clothing.

The Dritek Hanger is an innovative combination of 3 main elements:
(1) a high load carabiner,
(2) a flexible and adjustable strap and
(3) a unique, super-sized hanger, specifically designed to be tough while being gentle to fabrics.

The toughest, most versatile hanger on the market. Comfortably holds up to 66 Lbs.
‘Closed hook’ carabiner clips-on, wraps around or hooks over. Whichever way you use it, it will not fall.
Unlimited hanging possibilities; indoors and outdoors, on-board or on shore, a hang anywhere solution.
Designed to help you dry garments naturally, whilst being gentle on fabrics and maintaining garment performance.
It won’t break, it won’t let you down. If it does, we’ll fix it for you.
Made using recycled materials and you’ll never send it to landfill.



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