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Enhanced VFAK (Vehicle First Aid Kit)



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The Tactical Trauma medical line by Chase Tactical includes a wide variety of custom solutions, available in a myriad of configurations. Each kit is assembled by hand and made to order. For more information on building a custom medical solution, contact Chase Tactical today.

Enhanced VFAK (Vehicle First Aid Kit) by TacProGear

Please allow approx. 2 weeks for delivery


  • EMT Bag (1)
  • Hand Sanitizer, Large (1)
  • Pain Reliever Tablets in box/bottle (1)
  • Antibiotic Cream Tube (4)
  • Moleskin (2)
  • Ice Pack (2)
  • 3″ Ace Elastic Bandage (6)
  • 6″ Ace Elastic Bandage (6)
  • Trauma Dressing [Israeli] (6)
  • 1″ Tape Roll (2)
  • First Aid Book (1)
  • Eye Pad (5)
  • Hemostats (2)
  • Safety Scissors (1)
  • Abdominal Pad 5″x9″ (10)
  • Casualty Blanket 84″x52″ (2)
  • Knuckle Bandage (10)
  • Antiseptic Wipes (45)
  • Burn Aid Pack (5)
  • Butterfly Strips (5)
  • 2″x4″ Bandage Strip (5)
  • Pair of Exam Gloves (4)
  • CPR Mask (1)
  • 1″x3″Bandage Strips (16)
  • After Bite Wipes (6)
  • Cervical Collar (1)
  • Pen Light (1)
  • EMT Shears (1)
  • Safety Pins (6)
  • Chest Seal (4)
  • H Bandages or S Roll Gauze (12)
  • 14 Gauge Catheters (6)
  • QuikClot® Combat Gauze (3)
  • CAT Tourniquets (3)
  • Airway Tube (2)
  • Blood Stopper Kit (2)
  • Constrictor Band (1)
  • Universal Splint (1)
  • Blood Pressure Cuff (1)
  • Stethoscope (1)



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