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HomeArmorBallistic ShieldsBellfire B3A Level IIIA Ballistic Shield- NIJ 0108.01 compliant- Single Curve w/viewport IIIA
Size Weight
20X34 W/VIEWPORT 13LBS / 5.8 KG
20X40 W/VIEWPORT 14 LBS / 6.4
24X36 W/VIEWPORT 15 LBS / 6.7 KG
24X48 W/VIEWPORT 18 LBS / 8.1 KG
24X51 W/VIEWPORT 19 LBS / 8.4KG
18X24 NO VIEWPORT 5 LBS / 2.4 KG
20X34 NO VIEWPORT 8 LBS / 3.6 KG
20X40 NO VIEWPORT 9 LBS / 4.1 KG
24X36 NO VIEWPORT 10 LBS / 4.4 KG
24X48 NO VIEWPORT 13 LBS / 5.8 KG
24X51 NO VIEWPORT 14 LBS / 6.1 KG

Bellfire B3A Level IIIA Ballistic Shield- NIJ 0108.01 compliant- Single Curve w/viewport IIIA


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  • Protection: Level III Stand Alone against rifle rounds
  • NIJ Standard 0108.01: Tested and verified to meet or exceed ballistic resistance as specified within NIJ Standard 0108.01 by an NIJ accredited laboratory
  • Material: UHMWPE based material
  • Exterior Cover: Polyurea with Rhino Extreme 1150Fr
    Anti Spall Coated System
  • Ballistic Viewport: (4” x 16”) optional
  • Handle: Lightweight ergonomically designed ambidextrous handle
  • Multi-hit capability (NIJ 0108.01)
  • Color: Black with transparent view-port
  • Quick release: shoulder strap & shield carrying bag
  • Bellfire LED: Optional high power LED light
  • Warranty: 5 years on all ballistic material excluding exterior cover and 1 year on exterior cover material and workmanship

Due to the nature of this product, All Sales are Final. Warranty/MFG Defects excluded.  LE/MIL only shipments to CT.  Please allow 2-3 Weeks for shipment.



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