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Medical pouches attach to MOLLE carry equipment to round out a full gear set complete with combat-ready weaponry and ammunition as well as life-saving medical gear that keeps you and your battle buddies in the fight and out of harm’s way. They come as both complete sets that include first aid equipment and as pack-only pouches sized and protected to carry delicate medical equipment that can be used to save life and limb. From specialized pouches such as medical scissor holsters to general aid military medical utility pouches, our selection of pouches is sure to include what you need to be 100% battle-ready.

It’s no accident that our selection of pouches is so comprehensive. We only select products that have been field-tested and approved. Chase Tactical wants all of its customers to not only be ready on the battlefield, but also ready to save an arm, a leg, or even a life at a moment’s notice. The products we offer have been created and used by professionals who know deeply the needs of first responders, battlefield medics, and war heroes. Trust pouches and products that save real lives – trust Chase Tactical.

Medical Pouches

    • Battle Systems MPIL MK1 Marker Panel
      Battle Systems MPIL MK1 Marker Panel 18’x18″ Individually Sized High Visibility Orange and Pink Sides for OPSEC Versatility Extremely Lightweight – Standard MPIL weighs less than 1 ounce! 2″x2″ Loop Field on Each Side to Accept Optional 2″x2″ IR Square and O . . .
      SKU: MPIL-MK1
    • Warrior Assault Systems Drop Down Utility Pouch
      Warrior Assault Systems Drop Down Utility Pouch Warriors Drop Down Velcro Utility Pouch hangs under the front flap of most plate carriers and attaches quickly and securely via Velcro. Ideal for use with Warriors DCS, RPC and PCR Chest rig. There are 2 zip pockets, the larger and main compartment is . . .
    • Warrior Assault Systems IFAK Pouch
      Warrior Assault Systems Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch Warriors IFAK pouch is designed to hold a personal medical kit, Combat Gauze, CAT and Trauma Bandage. Medical shears can be stored securely at the rear of the pouch to allow quick and easy access. Internally we have introduced a webbing s . . .
      SKU: W-EO-IFAK
    • Warrior Assault Systems Large Utility MOLLE Pouch
      Warrior’s Large Utility MOLLE pouch comes with Heavy Duty Zip and double reinforced stitching. Warrior’s Large Utility MOLLE pouch takes up 4 horizontal rows of MOLLE on compatible plate carriers, rigs and bags. SIZE H – 9 in W – 7 in D – 2.55 in
      SKU: W-EO-LUMP
    • Warrior Assault Systems Medic Rip Off Pouch
      Warrior’s Patent Pending Medic Rip Off Pouch holds a wide variety of Med Kit. Mil-Spec Elastic Compartments and Tabs organise kit in order of use. Can hold 2 C.A.Ts, 2 Compression Bandages, 2 QuikClot Combat Gauze, Chest Seals, Airways, and Trauma Shears. The pouch is held securely in place by . . .
    • Warrior Assault Systems Medical Scissor Pouch
      Warrior’s medical scissors pouch takes up 1 horizontal row of MOLLE on any compatible plate carrier, chest rig, bag or belt.
      SKU: W-EO-MSP
    • Warrior Assault Systems Medium General Utility Pouch
      Warrior’s Medium General Utility Pouch Holds an assortment of kit including 6 – 5.56mm Mags.,Water Bottle. Features an adjustable quick release Non I.R. Reflective ITW Buckle. Modular webbing on the sides of the pouch allow the attachment of a wide variety of additional smaller pouches a . . .
      SKU: W-EO-MGUP
    • Warrior Assault Systems Medium Horizontal MOLLE Pouch
      Warrior’s Medium Horizontal MOLLE Pouch is ideal for carrying a variety of accessories or Medic Kit etc This pouch takes up 5 rows of MOLLE on any compatible plate carrier, chest rig, belt or bag. SIZE H – 5.5 in W – 8.6 in D – 3 in
      SKU: W-EO-MHMP
    • Warrior Assault Systems Medium MOLLE Utility Pouch
      Warriors Medium MOLLE Utility Pouch can be used as a utility pouch or to carry medical kit, bandages etc. in 4 internal elastic loops, also features a lined internal pocket/sleeve. The Medium MOLLE Utility Pouch takes up 4 horizontal rows of MOLLE on compatible plate carriers, rigs and bags. SIZE 2& . . .
      SKU: W-EO-MMUP
    • Warrior Assault Systems Personal Medic Rip Off Pouch
      Warrior Assault Systems Personal Medic Rip Off A Smaller, Narrower version of Warriors award winning Large Medic Rip Off.  It holds a wide variety of Med Supplies, Mil Spec Elastic Compartments and Tabs organize the kit in order of use. It can hold up to a Max of 2 x C.A.Ts, 2 x Compression Bandage . . .
      SKU: W-EO-PM-RO
    • Warrior Assault Systems Small MOLLE Utility Pouch
      This is a great all round small and compact utility pouch. It features 4 internal elastic strips, a second internal Velcro pocket and includes heavy duty zips with silent pull tabs. Warrior’s Small MOLLE Utility Pouch takes up 3 horizontal rows of MOLLE on compatible plate carriers, rigs and bags. . . .
      SKU: W-EO-SMUP

Features & Benefits

MOLLE-ready military medical pouches range from lightweight, general-use medical gear bags to full medical kits in carry-size pouches.

MOLLE Adaptable – Small and lightweight pouches bind to your carry gear so you can be combat and field medicine ready any time

Special-Use – Specialized military pouches are specifically designed for carrying and protecting equipment such as gauze or medical scissors

Durable – Medical equipment is often fragile or must be kept away from the elements, so your pouch is equipped to protect it

Accessible – Don’t fidget or fumble when it counts. Get your medical goods from your carry equipment swiftly and easy with our pouches

Experienced operators and first responders have seen the dire results of foregoing a medical pouch, and they know how much working equipment counts. When time and medical tool integrity are indispensable, rely on the strength of medical MOLLE pouches from Chaste Tactical

Common Applications

For warriors:

  • Search & Rescue – repair and extract with ease
  • First Response – keep a multitude of tools close at hand
  • The Unexpected – carry medical equipment for any situation

For adventurers:

  • Hikes – be prepared for tumbles and falls
  • Adventure Races – store bandages and gauze
  • Rock Climbing – make quick fixes to continue your climb

Why Should I Buy MOLLE Medical Pouches?

Medicine is a science of precision. Drugs must be administered in strictly controlled doses, surgery must be performed with a rock-steady hand, and lives must be saved with uncompromised medical prowess. There’s no time to search for tools and medicines when only moments separate death and life. Pouches allow combat medics, paramedics, and rescue operators to stay prepared for any scenario that involves first aid and on-the-spot bodily repairs, and there is no substitute for a proper tactical medical pouch.

Order Your Military Medical Pouches from Chase Tactical Today

Store and retrieve medical goods with maximum efficiency when you stock up on pouches and we’ll send orders over $150 to your address with free shipping. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for information about special pricing for agency, government, or business orders, or talk to us to get a quote. All of the products we offer are manufactured for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Join our mailing list today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Maximize your carrying capacity for medical equipment and devices today – order your MOLLE-ready medical pouches from Chase Tactical now!

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