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Flashlight Pouches

MOLLE-ready tactical flashlight pouches are slim, lightweight, camouflage carrying cases that allow operators to handle defensive equipment and weapons while staying mobile without having to leave behind a flashlight. When attached to a MOLLE carry rig, they take up a maximum of 2 horizontal rows, which leaves plenty of room for additional combat accessories such as medical and magazine pouches. In areas where clear sight and consistent lighting are critical to completing mission objectives, including nighttime or low-light raids by law enforcement or military personnel as well as first-responder situations with little to no resources.

Our flashlight pouch selection is so particular for a reason. Our buyers only pick products that have been field-tested and approved. The Chase Tactical team is proud of the name it has built over many years as a trusted purveyor of military-grade tactical gear that not only sees real use on the battlefield but thrives there as well. Each item we offer, including our tactical flashlight pouches, are crafted with the safety and success of warriors in mind, and that’s a commitment that Chase Tactical believes is vital to the protection of freedom.

Flashlight Pouches

    • HSGI Double Decker TACO Magazine Pouch – MOLLE
      HSGI Double Decker “TACO” Magazine Pouch Double Decker “TACO” , Modular single rifle and pistol magazine pouch. Just like its older brother this unique pouch will hold more types of mags than just the AR series of mags. Not only will it hold AR type mags including P-MAGS, it . . .
      SKU: 11DD00
    • Warrior Assault Systems Large Flashlight / Suppressor Pouch
      Warrior’s Flashlight / Suppressor Pouch holds most standard size suppressor’s or a medium to large flashlight. The Flashlight / Suppressor pouch takes up 2 horizontal rows of MOLLE on any compatible plate carrier, chest rig, belt or bag.
      $33.95 $25.95
      SKU: W-EO-LTSP
    • Warrior Assault Systems Small Flashlight Pouch
      The Warrior Small Flashlight Pouch takes up 1 horizontal row of MOLLE on any compatible plate carrier, chest rig, belt or bag.
      $25.20 $19.95
      SKU: W-EO-SMTP

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