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Tactical dump pouches provide storage for spent magazines, shells, or any other waste items from the field that you don’t want to litter. They are an essential part of tactical training and deployment that helps reduce the footprint of service members in their areas of responsibility. They are especially useful for situations in which conservation is key to mission success.

Dump pouches integrate with MOLLE systems to create a complete battlefield resource for frontline operation and recovery. Law enforcement officers, special teams, and military special operators can reduce their environmental impact while eliminating debris and obstacles in combat zones by carrying a multicam dump pouch as part of their load-bearing equipment.

Dump Pouches

    • Warrior Assault Systems Large Roll Up Dump Pouch
      Warrior’s Roll Up Dump Pouch provides a large capacity dump pouch to accommodate spent mags etc. Fits onto most belts as a low ride, and has a rigid neck design ensuring that the pouch is always in a semi open position. When its not in use it can be rolled up and secured with a … Contin . . .
      $38.04 $28.95
    • Warrior Assault Systems Large Roll Up Dump Pouch – Gen 2
      Warrior’s Large Roll Up Dump Pouch – Gen 2 provides a large capacity to accommodate spent mags etc. The Gen 2 is streamlined and offers MOLLE for additional attachments. It fits onto most belts as a low ride and can also be attached to Warrior’s PLB/Frag Belts & Armor carriers. It has . . .
      $42.10 $32.95
      SKU: W-EO-LRUDP-G2
    • Warrior Assault Systems Slimline Foldable Dump Pouch
      Warrior’s Slimline Foldable Dump Pouch does exactly what it says. For such a large capacity dump pouch it takes up so little space on the operators loadout. It opens easily when required and then when not needed folds neatly back up within itself. This pouch takes up 1 MOLLE row on any compatible . . .
      $32.55 $24.95
      SKU: W-EO-SLFD

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