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Tactical Personal Retention Lanyards

Tactical warfare is about more than body armor and high-powered weapons. Operating on a truly advanced level requires intelligence, communication, and security. To help regulate entry to sensitive areas, keep information access on a need-to-know basis, and develop potent and clever battlefield strategies, military units need to have complex identification systems that can’t be breached. Tactical, personal retention ID lanyards help bridge the gap between basic and military-grade identification and information control.

Chase Tactical is on the side of the freedom fighter. We want to make sure your information and identification stays secure, too. That’s why we’ve selected the most tactically viable line of law enforcement lanyards available in the private sector. You can count on the lanyards we offer to provide the peace of mind and security you need when hauling heavy gear, weapons, defensive equipment, and your identification across long and dangerous distances.

Lanyards & Personal Retention

    • Warrior Assault Systems Personal Retention Lanyard
      Warrior Assault Systems Personal Retention Lanyard has an overall length of 33″ (84cm) including FROG clip and will expand to 46″ (117cm) inclusive of clip. Ideal for use on maritime operations and helicopter ops. The FROG attachment clamp is simple to use and can be released using jus . . .
    • Warrior Assault Systems Quick Release Sling H&K Hook
      Warriors QRS sling is made from the strongest U.S. Mill Spec I.R. Materials. It’s a fully adjustable single point bungee sling which attaches via a T Bar to any MOLLE compatible Vest, Chest Rig or Armour. Allows for ambidextrous operation while preventing neck rub and snagging sometimes seen w . . .
      SKU: W-EO-QRS
    • Warrior Assault Systems Tactical Pistol Lanyard
      Warrior’s Tactical Pistol Lanyard is constructed from 1” U.S. Mil Spec 17337 webbing, Nylon and Polypropylene. The lanyard features an adjustable belt loop which can be separated from the lanyard via a quick release clip. The lanyard loop can easily be attached to most sidearms and a wide variet . . .
      SKU: W-EO-TPL

Features & Benefits

The tactical key and ID lanyards we carry don’t just keep valuable ID information on your person in the battlefield, they also allow you to fight worry-free and stay out of the way when you need 100% of your attention on the mission. Our lanyards boast:

Adjustability – Loosen or tighten your lanyard to conform to the needs of your objective and stay out of the way of your other equipment

Comfort – Built to carry, not to snag, and stay resistant to rubbing on areas of skin prone to blistering

MOLLE Compatible – Attaches seamlessly to armor, chest rigs, and other MOLLE-ready carry equipment on-the-spot

Military-Standard Construction – MIL-SPEC materials make our lanyards endlessly durable

Integrate your personal retention lanyards into army and military armor and chest gear to allow yourself access to the areas and information you need to complete your mission objectives. Time, secrecy, and tactical success rely on even the smallest parts of your rig, including your lanyard. If you’re going to keep mission-essential identification and information on your person, make sure it’s protected well with a lanyard from Chase Tactical.

How to Use

For warriors:

  • Espionage – gain access to classified information
  • Communication – get mission-critical information to the right people
  • Security – equip your unit to restrict access to base operations

For adventurers:

  • Adventure Races – keep your vital info, even when lost
  • Trailblazing – make sure you’re found if you need to be rescued
  • Backcountry Sports – hang on to essentials in the most harrowing conditions

Why Should I Buy Tactical Lanyards?

The most honored and decorated men and women of history have known the value of even the smallest piece of equipment in situations that seem hopeless and desperate. If you’re adventuring or fighting for freedom, don’t let even a single piece of your equipment compromise your victory or survival. From your helmet to your lanyard, buy and carry proudly equipment that is as hardy and dependable as you are.

Order Your Lanyards from Chase Tactical Today

Carry your most vital information to the top of a mountain or a mission-essential outpost with the reliability of a Chase Tactical army lanyard and we’ll send orders over $150 straight to you without the shipping cost. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for additional information about the exclusive pricing we reserve for our agency, government, or business friends, or talk to us to get a quote. All of the products we offer are manufactured for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Make every bit of your rig count from head to toe when you order your tactical lanyards from Chase Tactical now!

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