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Tactical red dot magnifiers allow users to view targets 3X from 100 yards. Law enforcement, military personnel, and civilians use magnifiers to elevate shooting performance out on the battlefield. By equipping your firearm with a flip to slide magnifier, it can be used on the field to accurately target objects or enemies with added precision.

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    • EOTech G33.STS Magnifier
      The G33 3x Magnifier from EOTech offers all the features of the Gen II magnifiers with some outstanding additions. This ruggedly built magnifier transforms your EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight into a lethal medium range optic at the flip of a finger. The G33 features a revolutionary Switch to Side m . . .
      SKU: G33-STS

Advanced magnifiers feature mounts that prevent the structure from shifting while in motion. Tactical magnifiers feature advanced holographic sight lenses that increase accuracy when shooting on the battlefield. Active duty personnel and law enforcement use magnifiers during special operations for added precision when aiming at their targets. Chase Tactical proudly carriers military grade magnifiers from trusted manufacturers like EOTech.

Purchasing Your Tactical Magnifier:
Military grade magnifiers give the user faster transitioning from 3x to 1x on the field. When choosing your magnifier, consider the weapon being used and the logistics of the mission. Magnifiers should feature a large field of view if the mission is outdoors since it requires more focusing. Chase Tactical carries red dot magnifiers that can easily mounted and removed, reducing the transition time when switching gear. Another feature to consider when purchasing your magnifiers is the housing. If the mission is outdoors, ensure that the materials are coated with a waterproof seal to prevent water from damaging the lens. Choosing a magnifier that features a fog proof coating prevents the elements from obstructing light and vision during important mission tasks.

Increase your shooting focus and precision by purchasing tactical magnifiers from Chase Tactical now.

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