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Harnesses are essential to maximizing the load-bearing capacity of a wearer of military-grade carrying equipment. A quality tactical harness will provide extra support and improved weight distribution while offering additional storage options for operators who must bear large amounts of weight for extended periods of time.

Harnesses have been used since the first iterations of modern-style carrying equipment were introduced to military personnel during World War I and World War II. The M-1910 web canvas and equipment provided the first semblance of extra carrying capacity supported by a chest harness for frontline soldiers who needed supplementary storage for ammunition, explosives, and protective equipment without increasing the risk of fatigue.

Modern service members use carrying equipment in and outside of the military. Within military operations, carrying equipment aids fighters and supporters from infantry to Pararescue in ensuring that they can carry out their missions to completion. Special law enforcement teams such as SWAT, FBI, and CIA use carry equipment when entering dangerous areas and performing high-risk activities. Harnesses such as the MOLLE harness allow these vital pieces of carrying equipment to provide additional function and improved support.


    • Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops Back Panel
      Warriors  Back Panel is interchangeable with Warrior’s Centurion Chest Rig and 901 Rigs. Holds Large Ballistic Plates (Full Size, SAPI, and Shooters Cut) in Internal Pocket with plate height adjustment. Works well with Warrior’s Hydration Carrier. Features: Adjustable for Height and Gir . . .
      $120.95 $89.95
      SKU: W-EO-BP
    • Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops Low Profile Harness
      Warrior’s Low Profile Harness is fully compatible with Warriors PLB Belt and can be worn comfortably under body armor. It features quick release adjustment buckles front and back, and has 4 adjustable attachment loops for fixing to the D Rings of the PLB Belt.
      $53.37 $41.95
      SKU: W-EO-LBH
    • Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops MOLLE Harness
      The Warrior Elite Ops MOLLE Harness is an excellent platform from which to attach to Warriors PLB Belt and Frag Belt.  2 attachment points at the front and 4 at the rear (6 POINT HARNESS), help to distribute the load out evenly on the shoulders and helps to provide additional support for heavier co . . .
      $78.90 $62.95
    • Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops Slimline Harness
      Warrior’s fully adjustable elasticated harness for use with Warriors PLB Belts and Armored Frag Belts. It is ideal for use under Body Armor.
      $46.73 $36.95
      SKU: W-EO-SLH

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