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Tactical Plate Carrier Back Panels

The enemy doesn’t discriminate – back or front, your body can become the enemy’s target. Save your skin – and your life – with MOLLE-adaptable tactical back panels for your plate carrier.

When there’s more than just the mission on the line, make sure you’re protected from front to back. Add a plate carrier back panel to your arsenal and protect your body while extending the capacity of your MOLLE carry gear. Special law enforcement teams as well as military field operatives can use tactical back panels to improve safety and save lives, including their own.

Why Should I Buy Plate Carrier Back Panels?

Warfare is not fair, and your enemy is not guaranteed to fight with the same honor and bravery that you do. The assault that sends you to the hospital could come from behind your field of vision. Back protection is not an area for compromise – your life is at stake, and your team may be relying on your special abilities to see the mission to its completion. Ensure that your objective is met and that you live to tell the tale with tactical back panels that fit, function, and maximize your combat capability.

Back Panels

    • Battle Systems MPIL MK1 Marker Panel
      Battle Systems MPIL MK1 Marker Panel 18’x18″ Individually Sized High Visibility Orange and Pink Sides for OPSEC Versatility Extremely Lightweight – Standard MPIL weighs less than 1 ounce! 2″x2″ Loop Field on Each Side to Accept Optional 2″x2″ IR Square and O . . .
      SKU: MPIL-MK1
    • Chase Tactical MOLLE Hook & Loop Placard
      Chase Tactical-MOLLE Hook & Loop Placard Hook and loop attachment panel Attaches to any MOLLE surface to allow patches to be attached Use when temporary patches are needed or to upgrade existing rig 5.5 x 9.5
    • Tough Hook
      Tough Hook The Tough Hook is specially designed to hang, hold and carry heavy body armor and tactical equipment, easily supporting over 150 lbs. of gear. Designed by an US Army Sergeant, the Tough Hook is purpose built to hang, store and carry heavy equipment such as Body Armor, Plate Carriers, Tact . . .
      SKU: TH
    • Tough Hook 2 Pack
      Tough Hook 2 Pack The Tough Hook is specially designed to hang, hold and carry heavy body armor and tactical equipment, easily supporting over 150 lbs. of gear. Designed by an U.S. Army Sergeant, the Tough Hook is purpose built to hang, store and carry heavy equipment such as Body Armor, Plate Carri . . .
      SKU: TH-2
    • Warrior Assault Systems Assaulter Back Panel
      Warrior Assault Systems Assaulter’s Back Panel MOLLE’s on to the full range of Warrior armor carriers. The top section features a 5.56mm Triple Open Mag pouch with bungee retention sewn directly on to the panel. The lower section has a removable General Purpose / Rip Off Medic Pouch. The Ass . . .
    • Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops Back Panel
      Warriors  Back Panel is interchangeable with Warrior’s Centurion Chest Rig and 901 Rigs. Holds Large Ballistic Plates (Full Size, SAPI, and Shooters Cut) in Internal Pocket with plate height adjustment. Works well with Warrior’s Hydration Carrier. Features: Adjustable for Height and Gir . . .
      SKU: W-EO-BP
    • Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops Low Profile Harness
      Warrior’s Low Profile Harness is fully compatible with Warriors PLB Belt and can be worn comfortably under body armor. It features quick release adjustment buckles front and back, and has 4 adjustable attachment loops for fixing to the D Rings of the PLB Belt.
      SKU: W-EO-LBH
    • Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops MOLLE Harness
      The Warrior Elite Ops MOLLE Harness is an excellent platform from which to attach to Warriors PLB Belt and Frag Belt.  2 attachment points at the front and 4 at the rear (6 POINT HARNESS), help to distribute the load out evenly on the shoulders and helps to provide additional support for heavier co . . .

Plate Carrier Back Panel Features & Benefits

Operate under the safety of genuine United States military specification I.R. fabric and webbing, available with multiple camouflage options that adapt to your area of operations. When you purchase your tactical back panels from Chase Tactical, you’ll get:

Extended protection – In the wrong scenario, your back is just as vulnerable as your front. Take no chances.

Comfortable construction – Internal plate adjustment and comfort padding prevent back panel plate carriers from distracting you.

Cooling technology – Air channels keep the air flowing through the plates and fibers so you don’t overheat.

MOLLE expansion – Back panels include MOLLE carry gear expansions so you can load up the back as well as the front.

Safety is always paramount, but you also want to make sure that nothing keeps you from completing the mission successfully. Experienced operators choose back plate carriers from Chase Tactical because they protect well, function appropriately, and fit comfortably.

Order Plate Carrier Back Panels from Chase Tactical Today

Focus on watching your battle buddy’s back, not your own, with back panels from Chase Tactical and we’ll send orders over $150 to your home or office free of shipping. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for more in-depth information about the discount pricing we offer to our agency, business, or government clients, or talk to us directly to get a quote. Every product we offer is made for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today to learn more. Start a conversation from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Get protection from every angle with MOLLE-ready back panels at Chase Tactical now!

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