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Ballistic Backpack Armor Inserts & Plates

Even at the incredibly high quality that Chase Tactical offers packs and bags, warriors still sometimes need to customize and extend the use of their equipment. Thankfully, we also provide MOLLE-ready ballistic shields and backpack panels for our brave freedom fighters to add to their existing pack outfits. These inserts come equipped with multiple MOLLE rows to widen the scope of your operations without requiring you to add space to your already bulky carry rig.

The inserts we’ve chosen to feature at Chase Tactical are carefully crafted and fitted to add extra protection, increase carry rig capacity, and upgrade comfort level for warriors who have to travel long distances on foot carrying large amounts of equipment. Backpack armor plates are perfect for fighters such as SWAT team members, Airborne Rangers, and SERE Specialists as well as adventurers who take on hundred-mile adventure races, cross-country cycling trips, and hardcore endurance workouts.

Backpack Inserts

    • Battle Systems MPIL MK1 Marker Panel
      Battle Systems MPIL MK1 Marker Panel 18’x18″ Individually Sized High Visibility Orange and Pink Sides for OPSEC Versatility Extremely Lightweight – Standard MPIL weighs less than 1 ounce! 2″x2″ Loop Field on Each Side to Accept Optional 2″x2″ IR Square and O . . .
      SKU: MPIL-MK1
    • Warrior Assault Systems Predator Mission Insert
      Warrior’s MOLLE Mission Insert. This insert is covered on both sides with 9 rows of MOLLE, and can be pre configured with your own choice of pouches for specific Ops, the MOLLE Insert simply clips inside the Predator via 2 ITW quick release clips and can be released in seconds making it mobile. Us . . .
      SKU: W-EO-PRD-MI
    • Warrior Assault Systems Predator Stiffener
      Available as an optional extra to the Predator Pack is a removable stiffener insert made for lightweight ridged polycarbonate with 2 aluminium reinforcement strips which run the full length of the panel. This can be inserted into the rear sleeve of the the predator pack to give additional rigidity f . . .
      SKU: W-EO-PRD-SI

Features & Benefits

Our inserts are made from the same materials that comprise our body armor, ammo pouches, packs, and more. When you trust Chase Tactical to bring you top-notch backpack armor inserts, you get:

Extra Protection – Inserts are rigid and pad your armor and pack with an extra layer of bullet-stopping protection

Extended MOLLE Capacity – Several extra MOLLE rows give you the organizational advantage that puts you in control of the battle

Enhanced Comfort – Like an extra spine, inserts help maintain good posture and take some of the weight off of your shoulders and back

Ease of Use – Quick-clip installation allows you to secure your inserts quickly and remove them right when you need to

Ballistic shields for your backpack upgrade more than just your carrying capacity. In a long-term adventure or on a rigorous battlefield, making sure that your comfort is met so you can concentrate on your tactical maneuvers and marksmanship can make the difference between a failed mission and a successful one. They can increase your stamina by spreading the weight of your MOLLE equipped gear, including ammo and grenades, across a larger surface area and will provide added armor when you’re under fire.

How to Use Ballistic Backpack Inserts

For warriors:

  • Scouting – carry more for longer on solo missions
  • Survival – extend your stamina and rucking range
  • Special Weapons Training – sharpen your skills with constant fire

For adventurers:

  • Adventure Races – maintain proper posture over long distances
  • Cross-Country Cycling – spread out the weight of food and gear
  • Endurance Workouts – stack weight on inserts to increase challenge

Why Should I Buy?

When you’ve got a long road ahead and a huge weight to carry, every bit of help you can get can increase your stamina and staying power. Ballistic backpack panels provide a quick and easy solution to upping your battlefield and adventure potential with the added bonus of increased protection from a rigid armor plate and an incredibly effective MOLLE extension. You get added comfort, upgraded carrying capacity, and a new layer of protection all with a quick-clip backpack armor insert – and that could save more lives than just your own.

Order Your Backpack Inserts from Chase Tactical Today

Get 3 upgrades in one with our inserts and we’ll send orders over $150 to your address without the shipping cost. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for even more information about the special pricing we provide for our government, agency, or business friends, or talk to us to get a quote. All of the products we offer are manufactured for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Join our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Increase stamina, comfort, protection, and carrying capacity with backpack inserts from Chase Tactical now!

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