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Military Thermal Imaging Cameras

The majority of threats to your way of life are living, breathing, heat-producing creatures. The animals that offer the sustenance you need for survival in the wilderness also emit heat signatures. If you want to survive and defend, you’ll need the support of a thermal imaging camera that provides military-level heat tracking and video display so you can always have eyes on the targets with the highest value, even in low or no light.

Chase Tactical’s cameras produce tactical thermal imaging that helps you know the location and movement of your targets. They can assist you in finding hot spots and recently traversed surfaces as well as increase vigilance on routine security patrols. Finding targets on or in water is just as easy as spotting them on land, which makes our military thermal imaging cameras ideal for crime scene investigations and pursuit and apprehension of violators of the law.

Thermal Imaging


Features & Benefits

See clearly what your enemy can’t and gather intel with the nation’s leading military-standard thermal imaging technology. When you purchase your camera from Chase Tactical, you’ll get:

Incredible detail – VGA display with high-resolution imaging feels like a second pair of hyper-sensitive eyes

Compact size – Stow cameras in pockets or pouches with appropriate carry gear

Ease of use – Single-button operation enables you to carry out recon operations while focusing on defense and extraction

Customization – A well-balanced user interface lets you choose how and when your imaging displays according to your needs

Thermal imaging cameras can detect human movement and activity at distances of up to 800 yards. Customizable color modes help you adjust the cameras to fit your operation preferences and make more calculated tactical decisions. Rugged design protects against accidental drops and even submersion in water just below the surface. Cameras are tripod mountable but can detach and move with you even in uniform pockets.

How to Use

For warriors:

  • Search and Rescue – locate hard-to-find targets in large bodies of water
  • Reconnaissance – scout dangerous areas ahead with accurate head counts
  • Security Patrols – spot invaders before they spot you

For adventurers:

  • Camping – scout for animal-free camping areas
  • Exploration – find rare species of creatures where you normally couldn’t
  • Hunting – track animals in the deepest of dark nights

Why Should I Buy?

The fact that living beings give off more heat than most objects in the known world and that we have the technology to pinpoint the source of that heat is one of the most incredible realizations of military strategists in history. However, access to thermal imaging is no longer an advantage – it’s a necessity. When your enemy has access to heat-sensing devices and you don’t, you’ll find yourself unable to compete on any battlefield. Make sure you’re equipped for modern warfare and national defense with a camera in your hands.

Order from Chase Tactical Today

Assure flawless reconnaissance and surveillance with thermal imaging cameras from Chase Tactical and we’ll send orders over $150 to the address you provide at no charge. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for more detailed information about the discount pricing we offer to our government, agency, or business clients, or talk to us to get a quote. All the products we offer are manufactured for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Maximize efficiency in recon and first-response missions even at night when you order your thermographic cameras from Chase Tactical now!

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