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Tactical Military Infrared (IR) Lights

Infrared radiation is a wavelength of light just beyond that of the red end of the visible light spectrum. Heated objects tend to emit infrared light, but operators cannot ordinarily see it unless they have special infrared detection equipment. That’s where the tactical advantage comes from – when the enemy is not prepared to detect infrared light, your infrared-emitting devices become a stealthy way to communicate with your unit.

Police, first-responders, frontline military, and special forces alike all use infrared in unique ways to carry out secret tactical maneuvers or to improve communication. It’s important to know how to use infrared lights and when to employ them. That’s why Chase Tactical has made available a selection of military infrared lights and accessories to aid you in your military operations or home defense.

Why Should I Buy Military Infrared Lights?

We live in an unpredictable world in which staying ready for even the most extreme circumstances is not only reasonable, it’s wise. Knowing how to employ IR lights and detection equipment could one day be essential to the safety of you, your family, and your country. The effectiveness of infrared communication has already been proven by generations of hard-working military men and women, and they need people like you to be ready to defend our country, as well.

IR Lights

    • Princeton Tec Remix Pro (RED/GREEN/IR)
      When the US Military makes a request, Princeton Tec takes action. The Remix Pro is powered by a single CR123 battery providing excelled performance in cold weather, light weight and compact size. While having multiple output modes to meet various requirements, the light always starts in low mode. Co . . .
      SKU: HYB123-RGI-MC
    • Warrior Assault Systems MS 2000 Strobe Compass Pouch
      Warrior’s Universal Strobe/ Compass Pouch holds the ACR MS-2000, uses ITW IR Clip for closure with elasticated retention for extra security. The pouch takes up 2 rows of MOLLE on any compatible plate carrier, chest rig, belt or bag. STROBE SOLD SEPARATELY
      SKU: W-EO-STRP

Tactical Infrared (IR) Lights Features & Benefits

Espionage and stealth communication help save lives and preserve freedom, and infrared is a key element. When you purchase your military infrared lights from Chase Tactical, you’ll get:


Long Battery Life – An infrared light is no good if it doesn’t last for an extended period during military operations, but fortunately, ours do

Easy Handling – Extremely lightweight lights and batteries allow you to employ our IR devices without feeling fatigued

High Power – Call attention or seek rescue from far away with high-powered tactical IR lights


Compact size and multiple outputs make our military infrared lights ideal for real-world military operations as well as field training and home defense. Maintenance and battery replacement are easy, but you’re not likely to require much tinkering thanks to the incredible resilience of our lights. Maximize your communicative abilities in secret with infrared lights from Chase Tactical.

How to Use Tactical IR Lights

For warriors:

  • Rescue – await rescue in enemy territory with an IR beacon
  • Target Painting – use IR lights to mark mission-essential targets
  • Complex Maneuvering – set up checkpoints for rendezvous


For adventurers:

  • Marathon Hikes – keep up with the group even in the dark
  • Outdoor Training – learn to wield IR lights successfully
  • Adventure Races – make yourself easy to find for rescue crews

Order Tactical Military Infrared (IR) Lights from Chase Tactical Today

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