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Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Accessories

The only things more advantageous than night vision for low-light operations are the accessories that push the limits of night vision goggle (NVG) technology to the max. NVG pouches, cases, and accessories let the most intrepid warriors maximize the convenience and power of night vision goggles. The most experienced and battle-hardened warriors know the undeniable worth of integrating night vision into MOLLE carry equipment and pushing the field of vision in sophisticated night vision goggles to its threshold.

The selection of night vision goggles cases and accessories at Chase Tactical has been curated to offer only the most integral pieces of night vision upgrades. Our products are masterfully chosen for warriors who see combat, perform rescue, and endure relentless training, and for first responders who save the lives and defend millions of people every day. Get serious about night vision with NVG pouches and accessories from Chase Tactical.

NVG Accessories

    • MATBOCK Tarsier Eclipse
      ***Quantity Is Per Tube*** The Tarsier Eclipse ™ is the most advanced Night Vision Goggle (NVG) accessory on the market, allowing the operator to see objects from 18″ to infinity at the same time and without lost of clarity. It incorporates a smooth action, high performance, optical iris tha . . .
      SKU: 880021
    • Warrior Assault Systems MS 2000 Strobe Compass Pouch
      Warrior’s Universal Strobe/ Compass Pouch holds the ACR MS-2000, uses ITW IR Clip for closure with elasticated retention for extra security. The pouch takes up 2 rows of MOLLE on any compatible plate carrier, chest rig, belt or bag. STROBE SOLD SEPARATELY
      SKU: W-EO-STRP
    • Warrior Assault Systems Padded Night Vision Pouch
      Warrior Assault Systems Padded Night Vision/Utility Pouch protects your expensive night vision equipment and also serves as a general utility pouch. Warrior’s padded insert can be wrapped around your night vision goggles, small camera, small binoculars or small video recorders. This is a great . . .
      SKU: W-EO-NVG

Features & Benefits

Maximize your field of vision even in dangerously low-light conditions and ensure the integrity of your night vision goggles with cases, pouches, and accessories. When you purchase your accessories from Chase Tactical, you’ll get:

Battle-tested quality – Accessories are assembled and woven with actual battlefield-ready materials

Lightweight durability – Outfitting your NVGs doesn’t have to be a burden, so we ensure that all accessories are light and easy to integrate

Improved readiness – Each accessory adds to the effectiveness of your low-light operations in a unique way

Battlefield advantage – Even the smallest upgrade gives you an immediate and indisputable upper hand on any battlefield

Night vision goggles without cases or accessories can be bulky and tough to carry while attempting to operate a weapon or machine. They can prevent first-responders from utilizing other necessary tools while trying to carry or use night vision simultaneously. Pouches and lenses provide the ultimate level of battle-readiness for the brave men and women who continue the good fight in the darkness of night.

How to Use

For warriors:

  • Search and Rescue – find stranded or injured personnel in the dark
  • Marine Missions – keep an eye on the endless dark sea
  • Night Rucks – move through the wilderness safely without being seen

For adventurers:

  • Wildlife Exploration – observe the beauty of nocturnal animals
  • Exploration – find rare species of creatures where you normally couldn’t
  • Fishing – keep the hunt for the great catch going at night

Why Should I Buy?

Moving is hard enough while carrying just your armor and a weapon, but it’s a necessary part of successful military operations. Law enforcement officers need to stay on the move too, and paramedics and rescue operators need to get from A to B without missing a single precious second. While all of these operators can use night vision goggles to their advantage, they need to be able to operate the goggles while moving, and the only way they can carry goggles with them to the field is with a night vision goggles case or pouch. For operators in particularly dangerous fields, the extended sight offered by NVG lens upgrades also creates an incredible, limitless field of night vision for an inimitable battlefield advantage.

Order NVG Pouches, Cases, and Accessories from Chase Tactical Today

Complete your night vision ensemble with night vision goggles cases and accessories from Chase Tactical and we’ll send orders over $150 to your home or office with no shipping charge. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for more detailed information about the discount pricing we offer to our government, agency, or business clients, or talk to us to get a quote. All the products we offer are manufactured for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Become the unstoppable night warrior you were meant to be when you order your night vision accessories from Chase Tactical now!

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