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Military IR Strobe Signals

Operators in a number of different national defense and civil service fields rely on expertly handled communication to complete their mission objectives. IR beacons provide a unique approach to covert communication by using infrared (IR) technology to mark targets that only a properly equipped operator can see. Modern IR markers also provide additional signaling options across different lengths of invisible and visible spectrums.

Our military IR marker selection at Chase Tactical reflects our belief in the importance of subtlety and situational awareness in the accomplishment of successful missions. We select IR beacons that surpass baseline expectations to create unmistakable signaling opportunities for law enforcement officers, rescue operators, covert military, and even battlefield medics. If you use strobes and signals in your operations and training, get more out of your light communications with products from Chase Tactical.

IR Markers

    • Battle Systems MPIL MK1 Marker Panel
      Battle Systems MPIL MK1 Marker Panel 18’x18″ Individually Sized High Visibility Orange and Pink Sides for OPSEC Versatility Extremely Lightweight – Standard MPIL weighs less than 1 ounce! 2″x2″ Loop Field on Each Side to Accept Optional 2″x2″ IR Square and O . . .
      SKU: MPIL-MK1
    • Neptune IR Signal Device
      Neptune IR Signal Device Compact, Multi-Function Infrared Beacon The Neptune IR Beacon from Cejay Engineering is one of the most impressive multi-function units on the market. Its compact size, ease of use, effective modes, and 150’ submersion capability have quickly made it one of the most sought . . .
      $125.25 $120.00
      SKU: 902900
    • Pegasus 2AA IR Signal Device
      Pegasus 2AA IR Signal Device Compact, Programmable Infrared Beacon The Pegasus 2AA is a user-programmable infrared signaling beacon powered by two standard AA batteries. It features three modes of operation: Fixed rate (identical to the Phoenix Jr.), Universal Morse Code for S-O-S, and a final user- . . .
      $105.00 $92.00
      SKU: 902218IR
    • Princeton Tec Remix Pro (RED/GREEN/IR)
      When the US Military makes a request, Princeton Tec takes action. The Remix Pro is powered by a single CR123 battery providing excelled performance in cold weather, light weight and compact size. While having multiple output modes to meet various requirements, the light always starts in low mode. Co . . .
      SKU: HYB123-RGI-MC
    • S&S Precision Manta Strobe
      The Manta Strobe is part of S&S Precision’s Advanced Illumination & Marking Systems (AIMS). Developed as a dedicated helmet-mounted illumination device, the Manta provides infrared and overt light modes at the push of a button. It is easily activated with one hand and its buttons are laid . . .
      SKU: SSP-MS
    • S&S Precision V-Lite
      The V-Lite is part of S&S Precision’s Advanced Illumination & Marking Systems (AIMS). Developed as a personal lighting/ identification system, it easily attaches to many places including armor and helmets. The V-Lite is a reusable light that can be turned on and off as well as cycle throug . . .
      SKU: SSP-VL

Features & Benefits

Most markers come with a variety of available operating modes to fit the needs of your mission. When you purchase your IR signal devices from Chase Tactical, you’ll get:

Multiple functions – Use to communicate tactically, or light targets in the visible spectrum in multiple colors

Compact size – Easy to handle, lightweight, and nearly invisible until you’re ready for the beacon to be seen

Rugged exterior and interior – Stands up to dust and sand storms, dirt, mud, impact, and even exposure to chemical weapons

Simple operation – Pre-program and switch between operating modes with just a touch

Depending on the type, operators can strap IR strobes to moving equipment, including target personnel and vehicles, or can wear IR beacons like a wristwatch when training or keeping track of mission-essential warriors. Accessorize with a clip or hook fasteners to attach your marker to your carry equipment for even easier transportation and use.

How to Use

For warriors:

  • Espionage – keep track of targets without giving away your objective
  • Night Ops – paint targets or track allies in the dark
  • Low-Vis Training – practice tactical maneuvers on beacons

For adventurers:

  • Night Hikes – designate and keep an eye on the hike’s leader
  • Camping – signal your group even in the moonlight
  • Hunting – hunt at night with search parties

Why Should I Buy?

There are few safer ways to communicate, especially when the cover of night conceals the warrior’s most precious sense: sight. Finding targets without an appropriate beacon puts you and your unit at risk of discovery and extends the amount of time that personnel have to operate under high-stress conditions. Keep an IR beacon around to help operators navigate with visible or infrared light even in hostile, perilous situations.

Order from Chase Tactical Today

Keep your unit in communication and aware of mission objectives with IR signals from Chase Tactical and we’ll send orders over $150 to your designated address free of charge. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for more detailed information about the discount pricing we offer to our government, agency, or business clients, or talk to us to get a quote. All the products we offer are manufactured for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Signal your personnel safely and quickly when you order your military IR markers from Chase Tactical now!

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