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Tactical Night Vision Scopes

There are few obstacles more dynamic than the curtain of night for a warrior. The darkness compromises the warrior’s most cherished sense, sight, and prevents the accurate fire of short and long-distance firearms even at the most critical of junctures. It is during those desperate times, when blackness can be pierced only by the most advanced night vision optics, that warriors must rely on tools to allow them to utilize the full breadth of their skill sets.

Chase Tactical provides actual battle-tested equipment to its customers, including our selection of tactical scopes and clip-on night vision devices. That means that straight out of the package, your scope will be ready to mount on your weapon and use in actual extreme low-light scenarios. Whether you’re a special law enforcement operative or a night hunting adventurer, we think you’ll find that the right tactical scopes will make all the difference in your low-light accuracy.

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Features & Benefits

Mountable scopes give weapons operators an aiming advantage when performing night ops and stealth missions. When you purchase your clip-on night vision devices from Chase Tactical, you’ll get:

Versatility – They clip onto or in front of daylight scopes for use with high-caliber weapons and sniper rifles

Military-standard construction –Works in high humidity, dust clouds, sand waves, and are resistant to damage and impact

Ease of use – Clip on your night vision device and operate using only a single AA or CR123 standard lithium battery

Impressive range – Sight in the darkness of nearly 1000 yards and unmatched submergibility let you take your scope anywhere

Night vision optics reach a new level when you get your hands on scopes from Chase Tactical. It’s a brand-new game at night when you look through a military-grade scope for the first time and realize the incredible distance and depth at which you can fire with unparalleled accuracy. Experience firing your most trusted weapon in a new environment with a night vision device.

How to Use

For warriors:

  • Low-Vis Training – see your practice targets in super low light
  • Stealth Missions – see clearly without being seen
  • Night Ops – stay one step ahead of the enemy in the darkness

For adventurers:

  • Camping – keep a look out for creatures of the night
  • Night Hikes – stay armed and maintain visual where dangerous animals live
  • Hunting – realize the ultimate advantage in low light

Why Should I Buy?

A scope is one of the ultimate additions to a long-range weapon. There are few accessories that provide such a decisive advantage to night operators as night vision optics devices. The ability to make accurate, long-range shots even in low visibility can change the tide of secret and stealth missions in an instant. Snipers have a distinct edge on the battlefield when they can make spot-on single shots from nearly 1000 yards away under cover of darkness. If you cherish the art of sharpshooting, you need a clip-on night vision device to complete your repertoire.

Order from Chase Tactical Today

Take incredibly accurate shots from far away even in the deepest darkness with night vision scopes from Chase Tactical and we’ll send orders over $150 to your home or office free of charge. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for more detailed information about the discount pricing we provide for our government, agency, or business shoppers, or talk to us to get a quote. All the products we offer are manufactured for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Be one with the night and your weapon when you order your clip-on night vision devices from Chase Tactical now!

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