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Tactical Night Vision Scopes

There are few obstacles more dynamic than the curtain of night for a warrior. The darkness compromises the warrior’s most cherished sense, sight, and prevents the accurate fire of short and long-distance firearms even at the most critical of junctures. It is during those desperate times, when blackness can be pierced only by the most advanced night vision optics, that warriors must rely on tools to allow them to utilize the full breadth of their skill sets.

Chase Tactical provides actual battle-tested equipment to its customers, including our selection of tactical scopes and clip-on night vision devices. That means that straight out of the package, your scope will be ready to mount on your weapon and use in actual extreme low-light scenarios. Whether you’re a special law enforcement operative or a night hunting adventurer, we think you’ll find that the right tactical scopes will make all the difference in your low-light accuracy.

Image Intensified Systems


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