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Tactical Patches and Decals

The United States military has used patches and decals to denote vital branch information on uniforms for generations. Chevrons help uniformed men and women recognize the chain of command in the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. In that same tradition, Chase Tactical patches and decals help you show others your most trusted source for tactical gear in this great nation.

Decals & Patches

    • Chase Tactical Embroidered Logo Patch
      Chase Tactical Embroidered Logo Patch Stand apart from the crowd with a bad ass Chase Tactical embroidered logo patch. 2.5″ x 3″ Embroidered Logo Morale Patch Hook Velcro sewn on back Available in Coyote or Black Veteran Made American Made
    • Chase Tactical Flag Decal
      Chase Tactical Flag Decal SIZE: 3.50″ X 5”
    • Chase Tactical Leather Logo Patch
      Chase Tactical Leather Logo Patch Stand apart from the crowd with a bad ass Chase Tactical saddle leather patch. Leather patches age beautifully and gain character with time, sweat, and blood. 2.5″ x 3″ Leather Morale Patch Laser engraved with precision detail on natural tanned leather H . . .
    • Chase Tactical Logo Decal
      Chase Tactical Logo Decal SIZE: 2.50″ X 3”
      SKU: CT-DECAL-1
    • Chase Tactical Logo Decal
      Chase Tactical Logo Decal SIZE: 3.50″ X 3.75”
    • Warrior Assault Systems Round Rubber Logo Shield Patch
      Warrior Assault Systems Round Rubber Logo Sheild Patch Warrior’s Rubber embossed Round shield Velco® patch. SIZE 2.6″ x 2.6″ (60mm x 60mm)
      SKU: W-EO-RRLS
    • Warrior Assault Systems Rubber Logo Shield Patch
      Warrior Assault Systems Rubber Logo Sheild Patch Warrior’s Rubber embossed shield Velco® patch. SIZE 2 3/4″ x 4″ (70mm x 100mm)
      SKU: W-EO-RLS
    • Warrior Assault Systems Velcro Patch
      Warrior Assault Systems Velcro Logo Patch Warrior’s classic Velcro® fabric patch. SIZE 2″ x 2″ (50mm x 50mm)
      SKU: W-PATCH-V

Tactical Hat & Velcro Patches Features & Benefits

When you use patches in the field, you need them to be well-constructed and damage-resistant. When you purchase your patches and decals from Chase Tactical, you’ll get:

Detailed Embroidery – Every thread of our patches is tightly woven and intricately combined to create a memorable design

Veteran-Made Construction – These patches and decals were made in America by veterans who have fought valiantly for our freedom

Easy Application – Slap our patches and decals right onto your uniform, car, or pack, or sew them on for a permanent repair or design solution

You can use our patches to show your affinity for Chase Tactical, to close up rips or holes in your most well-worn battle gear, or to celebrate your latest Chase Tactical purchase. We’ve made them so easy to use that there’s hardly a reason not to grab a few. Plus, they come in colors that blend in with most modern camouflage to keep your stealth ops secret.

How to Use Velcro Uniform & Hat Patches

For warriors:

  • Uniform Repair – ensure that minor damage doesn’t halt your mission
  • Pack Repair – don’t let your goods spill out on a long ruck
  • Designation – show that you’re a part of team Chase Tactical

For adventurers:

  • Support – tell your friends about our superior tactical gear
  • Clothing Repair – patch up small holes and rips
  • Vehicle Decoration – be a mobile advocate for Chase Tactical

Why Should I Buy Tactical Velcro Patches and Decals?

Tactical patches and decals aren’t just for looks – they can serve some serious purpose, especially for warriors and adventurers that are far from home. Patches are called so because they help patch minor damage on protective clothing that can cause major problems. It would be a shame for a cosmetic tear to hamper your entire mission. Keep patches and decals on hand to make quick repairs.

Order Velcro & Hat Patches & Decals from Chase Tactical Today

Keep a one-stop repair kit on hand with patches and decals from Chase Tactical and we’ll send orders over $150 to your home or office free of shipping charges. Ask a Chase Tactical expert to get more information about the extra-low pricing we offer to our agency, business, or government clients, or talk to us directly to get a quote. Every product we offer is made for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today to learn more about Chase Tactical and get exclusive access to huge discount deals.

Start a conversation from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. The very best in tactical patches and decals could be on their way to your door soon – get your patches and decals at Chase Tactical now!

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