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Tactical Military Headlamps & Headlights

Warfare has never taken a break to rest at night, so fighters have evolved ways to continue operations in the veil of night. One of the most popular and effective lighting tools for today’s warrior, officer, paramedic, or adventurer is the military headlamp. Companies like Princeton and Petzl craft tactical headlamps and headlights that fit snugly and comfortably on the bare head or around tactical equipment vital to operations.

You can be sure that we carry the very latest in headlamp technology. Customize the best tactical military headlamps available to your mission with multiple-LED headlights that can filter into red, blue, or green light. Use your lights to stay alert, aware, and open for communication. Lamps are designed for ease-of-use and have multiple features between which warriors and adventurers can quickly switch.


    • Princeton Tec Fred
      For years, the Fuel headlamp has been a staple in the outdoor lighting industry. With an increased demand for red lighting to preserve night vision, we listened, and the Fred was born. Utilizing the exact same ergonomic and lightweight styling of the Fuel, the Fred enables you to preserve night visi . . .
      $24.99 $20.05
      SKU: FRED
    • Princeton Tec QUAD Tactical
      Aiming to meet the highly specialized needs of outdoor sportsmen and the US military, Princeton Tec is introducing a tactical version of the popular Quad headlamp. The new Quad Tactical augments the original Quad’s lightweight and durable design with three interchangeable lens covers which filter . . .
      $35.99 $22.45

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