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Tactical Combat Axes & Tomahawks

The battlefield isn’t always dominated by high-powered fire arms and artillery. When brute strength becomes your most valuable weapon, it helps to have a multi functional combat axe at hand. The right combat axe can do all of your dirty work – it cuts metal and wood, tears through unexpected traps, breaks out victims in need of assistance, helps you build shelters, and assists you in seeking and securing food. Survival is a necessity, and when you face a life or death situation in the field, you’ll be glad you have your tactical combat axe in your hand.

Why Should I Buy a Tomahawk or Combat Axe?

One word – survival. There are few better tools for ensuring that you can escape any highly dangerous situation than the multi functional combat axe. It is at once a hand-to-hand and projectile weapon, and one of few that are easily retrievable and reusable. It rips through metal, breaks class, cuts wood, and hammers steel. If you need to improve survivability on a large scale, the combat axes available at Chase Tactical, including our selection of Winkler axes (and knives), are unparalleled.

Combat Axe


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