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Tactical Combat Axes & Tomahawks

The battlefield isn’t always dominated by high-powered fire arms and artillery. When brute strength becomes your most valuable weapon, it helps to have a multi functional combat axe at hand. The right combat axe can do all of your dirty work – it cuts metal and wood, tears through unexpected traps, breaks out victims in need of assistance, helps you build shelters, and assists you in seeking and securing food. Survival is a necessity, and when you face a life or death situation in the field, you’ll be glad you have your tactical combat axe in your hand.

Why Should I Buy a Tomahawk or Combat Axe?

One word – survival. There are few better tools for ensuring that you can escape any highly dangerous situation than the multi functional combat axe. It is at once a hand-to-hand and projectile weapon, and one of few that are easily retrievable and reusable. It rips through metal, breaks class, cuts wood, and hammers steel. If you need to improve survivability on a large scale, the combat axes available at Chase Tactical, including our selection of Winkler axes (and knives), are unparalleled.

Combat Axe

    • Winkler Knives II Combat Ax Maple Handle
      The WKII axe incorporates features from the four team specific Breaching/Combat axes that Daniel has been making for SOF Teams. The 1.5 lb weight is the same as those carried by elite operators. A full-length, integral, tapered and skeletonized tang lessens overall weight and provides a no fail hand . . .
      SKU: WK005

Tactical Combat Axe and Tomahawk Features & Benefits

If you’re going to be employing the vast utility of a combat axe, carry one meticulously crafted using field-tested materials and survival friendly functionality. Trust Chase Tactical combat tomahawks and axes for their:

Versatility – Axe blades are shaped to provide multiple functions, from logging to tearing through metal and more
Long Life – Our axes are built with high-quality wood and metal and bound with stout materials such as real leather to preserve their integrity
Ease of Use – Axes are ready for use with both arms and learning the techniques to their functions has never been simpler
Indispensability – Each axe is designed as a vastly multipurpose tool for both preventing and escaping danger in high-risk situations

Elite field operators use the same axes that are available to you right here at Chase Tactical. Weight is distributed forward so that operators skilled at axe-throwing can use all tactical combat axes as tomahawks. We boast axes made by legendary knife craftsmen Daniel Winkler as well. Winkler knives and axes see combat in the hands of the nation’s most trained and experienced forces.

How to Use Tactical Tomahawks and Combat Axes

For warriors:
Survival – build shelters and fires in a fraction of the time
Escape – tear through car trunks and metal hulls easily
Close-Quarters Combat – take down opponents with minimal strikes

For adventurers:
Camping – logging, shelter-building, and hunting with one tool
Marathon treks – multiple functions for extended journeys
Rescue – recover lost adventurers from natural and manmade traps

Order Your Tactical Combat Axes and Tomahawks from Chase Tactical Today

Exponentially multiply your odds of survival with combat axes and tomahawks from Chase Tactical and we’ll send orders over $150 to your address with absolutely no shipping charge. Want to save more? Ask a Chase Tactical expert for information about the special pricing we provide for our government, agency, or business friends, or talk to us to get a quote. All of the products we offer are manufactured for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Lay your survival worries to rest with tactical axes and tomahawks from Chase Tactical now!

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