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Tactical Military-Issue Multi-Tools

A warrior’s best friend is his or her weapon, but the tactical military multi-tool isn’t far behind. It’s an incredibly versatile, life-saving device that functions simultaneously as a cutting tool, a hook, a tie, a clamp, a grip, and any number of additional utilities depending on the make. When there’s a piece missing from the puzzle, you can bet the best tactical multi-tool will fit right in. You’re not likely to see a paramedic, police officer, detective, special operative, or infantryman without one. Outdoor enthusiasts, too, know the power and utility of a multi-tool well, especially when exploring, hiking, or climbing.

Chase Tactical doesn’t cut corners, even when selecting the smallest, most lightweight of tools. What seems most insignificant can make the biggest difference between a winning and a losing battle, and smart, experienced operators never overlook the value of staying over-prepared. That’s why we provide the best military multi-tools to our customers, the men and women who perform real operations in the field every day.

Multi Tools

    • Warrior Assault Systems Utility / Tool Pouch
      The Warrior Utility Tool Pouch accommodates small to medium utility tools such as Gerbers & Leatherman’s.  This pouch takes up 1 row of MOLLE on any compatible plate carrier, chest rig, belt or bag.
      $23.95 $18.95
      SKU: W-EO-UTP

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