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K9 Police and Military Dog Combat Harnesses

The moniker K9 belongs to a specially bred and trained group of dogs that assist law enforcement agencies and military units in high-risk jobs using their advanced olfactory detection skills and physical strength. Their unique purpose requires their handlers to use purpose-built equipment, including tactical K9 harnesses, to train them and make use of their skills. Military K9 combat harnesses help police dogs and military dogs develop advanced tracking and protection skills that outpace that of highly trained humans.

The importance of the charges of searching for drugs, explosives, missing people, and evidence at crime scenes, as well as the duty of protecting handlers is well known in law enforcement and military communities. The team at Chase Tactical values our intelligent and capable canine companions, so we make sure that each K9 police and military dog harness not only does its job, but that it does its job right. We offer options for selective handlers and always keep the comfort and safety of dogs in mind.

Tracking Harnesses


Tactical Military K9 Harness Features & Benefits

K9 combat dog harnesses are constructed with fine leathers and ultra-tough steel to keep your dog comfortable and in-control. When you purchase your K9 harnesses from Chase Tactical, you’ll get:

Battle-tested quality – Our products are used by real professionals who train and employ dogs to defend our country

Top-grade materials – 100% cowhide and rigid steel lasts for years against the strength of a well-trained canine companion

Indispensable features – Our harnesses have the key features that allow you to hook, unhook, guide, and fully control

Battlefield advantage – Training with the best equipment means your dogs will be ready to deploy with the best equipment

Tactical K9 harnesses are adjustable to fit dogs of different sizes and breeds. Around the world, defense agencies and military detachments use different kinds of dogs to perform different jobs. Each breed has distinct advantages in size, strength, and tracking ability, so K9 dog harnesses must remain adaptable to fit multiple types of dogs in varying situations.

How to Use K9 Dog Combat Harnesses

For warriors:

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal – use the sensory advantage of your dog to locate traceable bombs
  • Drug Raids – let your dog guide you to the location of hidden drugs
  • Riot Control – keep strong and capable dogs on standby for defense

For adventurers:

  • Training – teach your dog to defend your home like the pros
  • Exploration – keep strong dogs under control on long journeys
  • Hunting – maintain comfort while tracking game

Why Should I Buy a Tactical Military K9 Harness?

Most dog handlers care deeply about the proper training, safety, and happiness of their canines. But feeding and rewarding dogs make up only part of the job of caring for them. Making sure that they are treated humanely even while training is paramount to developing strong relationships with dogs and motivating them to perform the tasks for which they are responsible. Strapping your dog with a professional-grade K9 dog harness is a gesture for which every military service dog will be forever grateful.

Order K9 Dog Harnesses from Chase Tactical Today

Improve the training and field efficiency of your military or police dog with a harness from Chase Tactical and we’ll send orders over $150 to your home or office free of shipping. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for more detailed information about the discount pricing we offer to our agency, business, or government clients, or talk to us directly to get a quote. Every product we offer is made for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Reach new heights with your service canine training with K9 dog harnesses from Chase Tactical now!

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