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K9 Tec is a specialist company that creates supplies and equipment for canine aggression and bite training. Working dogs in the armed forces are a special breed of canines that perform optimally when they train with high-quality, true-to-life equipment. Even during their training, they must learn to handle delicate situations with carefully drilled aggression as if safety and security were at stake.

In answer to the needs of the working military dog, K9 Tec has developed training supplies such as realistic outer sleeves and rubber appendages control, test, or prove aggression in potentially useful canines. Run by a team that appreciates the sacrifices of our men, women, and animals in arms, K9 Tec continually pushes the boundaries of advanced canine training equipment.

We’ve chosen a variety of canine training tools for use by experienced canine training professionals. The equipment available on our site is the same used by countless military and law enforcement K9 divisions to ensure that their dogs receive the most comprehensive and realistic training available.

K9 Tec Product Lines

  • K9 Tec Gauntlets – Working dogs tend to begin their training with low accuracy, which can compromise the safety of trainer limbs in unprotected areas. Gauntlets provide an extra layer of shielding in areas that are particularly vulnerable to bite damage.
  • K9 Tec Imitation Rubber Limbs – It doesn’t get much more realistic than K9 Tec’s innovative rubber limbs. The ArminLeggan series mimics the texture and weight of human flesh so that canines in various learning phases can experience a realistic bite.

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