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K9 Police and Military Dog Combat Harnesses

The moniker K9 belongs to a specially bred and trained group of dogs that assist law enforcement agencies and military units in high-risk jobs using their advanced olfactory detection skills and physical strength. Their unique purpose requires their handlers to use purpose-built equipment, including tactical K9 harnesses, to train them and make use of their skills. Military K9 combat harnesses help police dogs and military dogs develop advanced tracking and protection skills that outpace that of highly trained humans.

The importance of the charges of searching for drugs, explosives, missing people, and evidence at crime scenes, as well as the duty of protecting handlers is well known in law enforcement and military communities. The team at Chase Tactical values our intelligent and capable canine companions, so we make sure that each K9 police and military dog harness not only does its job, but that it does its job right. We offer options for selective handlers and always keep the comfort and safety of dogs in mind.

Tracking Harnesses


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