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Tactical Military K9 Dog Collars

Our freedom fighters work hard to protect our country and save lives, but many of them couldn’t do it without the indispensable aid of K9 working police and military dogs. We owe it to the fleets of dogs that serve as wingmen and specialists to equip them with the most highly functional and comfortable K9 police and military dog collars available to tactical gear enthusiasts just like you.

Bring the comfort and quality of police dog choke chains and collars to your working dog with the selection of K9 dog collars available at Chase Tactical. We provide police dog collars that operators use to train and deploy their canine companions in our world’s most dangerous situations.

Why Should I Buy Tactical Military Dog Collars?

Working dogs perform tasks that ordinary domesticated animals don’t, and they ask for very little in return. We owe it to our hard-working, loyal companions to provide them with top-level gear and plenty of treats. There are few better treats than awarding our canines with a comfortable, strong, and highly functional collar – and luckily, we offer those at Chase Tactical. Support your warrior dogs by purchasing the most meticulously-made tactical dog collars available in the private sector.

Collars & Choke Chains

    • Chase Tactical Flat Leather Collar
      High Quality Thick Single Layer Leather -100% Cow Hide We use the highest grade quality premium leather available to us. This 100% Cow Hide is thick and available in 1.25” or 1.50″ width. Collar length is 26″ Stainless Steel Hasp All Flat Collars have high grade stainless steel hasps w . . .
      SKU: CT-K9-FLAT-LR

K9 Military and Police Dog Collars Features & Benefits

The collar rests on your dog for his or her entire life. The one you put on your dog should be top-quality without compromise. When you purchase your military dog collars from Chase Tactical, you’ll get:


Remarkable Function – From field testing and aggression control to recreational walks and exercise, our collars work on all levels

Military-Grade Resilience – Field-grade materials provide layers of toughness that can’t be breached even in tactical deployment

Handmade Craftsmanship – Forget loose parts and rapid deterioration; our K9 police and military dog collars are of handmade quality


Even the most nondescript collar can change the way a working dog responds and behaves. Each detail of a police or military dog’s training and outfit evolves how he or she interacts with the environment. A tactical dog collar is no different – it has a profound effect on the performance of each dog and how well he or she handles the rigors of performing at a level that impacts the freedoms and safety of Americans.

How to Use K9 Dog Collars

For warriors:

  • In-Depth Training – train in a realistic environment with your canine
  • Guard Duty – stay alert without losing control of your dog
  • Bomb-Sniffing – perform thorough searches all day


For adventurers:

  • Marathon Hikes – stand up to any amount of pull over your hike
  • Outdoor Training – superior control for tough training sessions
  • Long-Distance Runs – run far without compromising collar integrity

Order Military Dog Collars from Chase Tactical Today

Train, fight, and run with your working dog at unprecedented levels when you order police dog choke chains and K9 dog collars from Chase Tactical and we’ll send orders over $150 to your home or office free of shipping charges. Ask a Chase Tactical expert to get more information about the extra-low pricing we offer to our agency, business, or government clients, or talk to us directly to get a quote. Every product we offer is made for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today to learn more about Chase Tactical and get exclusive access to our special deals. Start a conversation from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Start taking care of the canines that take care of us – get your K9 military dog collars at Chase Tactical now!

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