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Hydration Pack Accessories

Military members are taught from the beginning of their basic training the indispensability of keeping themselves hydrated. Most recruits begin with a canteen and learn to customize their hydration setup as their battle skills improve. When you order from Chase Tactical, you get access to the same top-of-the-line hydration packs and accessories that our brothers and sisters in arms carry from training onto their unique battlefields.

Hydration is paramount, but if you’re going to drink, you should do it your way. Customize your hydration gear with accessories that help you maintain your hoses, change the way you take in water, and make refilling your pack easier. The less you have to think about how you hydrate, the better your performance will be when you’re resuscitating victims, infiltrating dangerous areas, or fighting for freedom on the front lines.


    • Battle Systems MPIL MK1 Marker Panel
      Battle Systems MPIL MK1 Marker Panel 18’x18″ Individually Sized High Visibility Orange and Pink Sides for OPSEC Versatility Extremely Lightweight – Standard MPIL weighs less than 1 ounce! 2″x2″ Loop Field on Each Side to Accept Optional 2″x2″ IR Square and O . . .
      SKU: MPIL-MK1
    • Source Replacement Tube
      Insulated UV-block weave cover. Compatible with Source QMT™ Quick Mate Technology accessories.
      SKU: 61622300
    • Source Storm Valve Kit
      Angled no-bite push-pull with integrated shut-off mechanism. Unmatched flow, like drinking through a straw. Secure lock for storage New QMT™ valve tip, offers the convenience of disconnecting the valve so the tube can be easily woven through tight opening. Compatible with Quick Mate Technology (QM . . .
      SKU: 4509400
    • Source UTA – Universal Tube Adapter
      A revolutionary solution for refilling your hydration system on the move. The reservoir is filled directly through the tube eliminating the need to remove the hydration pack from the back for refills. Specs: Color – Olive Weight – 17 gr Diameter – 1.55″ / 40 mm Height – . . .
      SKU: 4503400000

Hydration Accessories Features & Benefits

Stay hydrated your way with the hydration pack accessories that enable you to focus on the mission, not the water. When you purchase your hydration accessories from Chase Tactical, you’ll get:

Innovative streamlining – Hydration accessories are made to make hydration packs even easier and more accessible

Hygienic drinking – Valves and hoses keep bacteria from growing in the nooks and crannies of your equipment

Battle-tested reliability – Real field operators use the same hydration accessories to ensure that they maximize their performance

Hydration your way – Individualize your setup to match your other customized gear

Why Should I Buy Hydration Accessories?

You may deeply understand the effect that water has on the warrior’s ability to fight or the first responder’s ability to save lives, but optimizing hydration goes far beyond just having access to water. With the right accessories, you can store and drink liters of water without ever having to find a water source. Keeping large amounts of water with you with weight distributed comfortably is one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep your combat capability at its maximum, which can make the difference when focus and awareness count.

 Order Hydration Pack Accessories from Chase Tactical Today

Realize the potential of your hydration system with hydration accessories from Chase Tactical and we’ll send orders over $150 to your home or office free of shipping. Ask a Chase Tactical expert to get more information about the extra-low pricing we offer to our agency, business, or government clients, or talk to us directly to get a quote. Every product we offer is made for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today to learn more about Chase Tactical and get exclusive access to our special deals. Start a conversation from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. Valves and hoses that enable you to drink comfortably are only a click away – get your hydration pack accessories at Chase Tactical now!

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