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The BUMP helmet is a lightweight version of the ballistic helmet often used in military combat. It has many of the same capabilities as a ballistic helmet. The type of helmet can equip night vision devices and protect the wearer’s head from blunt trauma and heavy impact, but offers less protection against gunfire than a standard plated helmet. They leave space for communications equipment and boast high-impact protection for more than just falls and abrasions.

Tactical BUMP Helmets are created to help with roping, climbing, and training missions. The significant weight reduction allows operators to move seamlessly between terrain types while performing dangerous activities that risk serious head trauma. The lining inside these helmets absorbs energy from impacts, reducing the chance of brain damage should an operator encounter a powerful impact.

Chase Tactical has offers tactical gear to military members, law enforcement officers, special operators, and civilians alike. A tactical BUMP helmet could make the difference in the effectiveness of your training regimen. It could also save your life and your brain if you perform advanced climbing or hiking – even recreationally.

BUMP Helmets

    • Chase Tactical Bump Helmet, Non Ballistic
      Chase Tactical Bump Helmet (Non Ballistic) Features: Lightweight Design/Non Ballistic Upper dovetail accessory rail for mounting devices such as low-profile lights and helmet cams Lower dovetail accessory rail for mounting communication headsets, battery pack, and other accessories Top and side stri . . .
      SKU: CT-BUMP1
    • First Spear Hybrid Helmet Cover – MICH/ACH
      Individually sized and 100% fit tested the FirstSpear Hybrid Helmet Cover is designed to fit MICH/ACH Ballistic Helmets. A stretch fit ensures that it remains in place during Free Fall or Rotary Wing Operations. Loop is positioned for attachment of IFF capabilities and is pattern/color matched. Perf . . .

Features & Benefits of BUMP Helmets:

The helmet integrates superior shock absorption with high-tensile strength lightweight materials to craft an unbelievably effective protective accessory that doesn’t weigh on your head and neck.

High-Impact Protection – High falls, multiple impacts, and blunt trauma can’t break a BUMP helmet’s barrier

Ultra-Lightweight – Uses advanced materials and fibers that protect against nature and more without weighing you down

Unmatched movement capability – Take advantage of a full range of motion and don’t worry about fatigued neck or shoulders

Versatility – Integrates into full tactical combat gear setups with support for communications and night vision devices

The BUMP helmets we have for sale are essential for missions in which speed and accuracy take precedence over ballistic protection.

Common Applications for BUMP Helmets:

For the warriors:

  • Training – focus on building tactical prowess
  • Climbing – eliminate the worry of a falling impact
  • Sneaking – move in dangerous territory quietly protected

For the adventurers:

  • Mountain climbs – mitigate the risks of falling
  • Gun training – prepare yourself for real combat
  • Dangerous hikes – traverse landslides and rock falls worry-free

Why Should I Buy a BUMP Helmet?

Once you integrate this helmet into your tactical espionage missions or your field training, you won’t want to go back. Their unbeatable mobility of a is not only an improvement in comfort over standard ballistic helmets, but it also allows you to put more mental and physical energy into completing your missions without casualties.

Order Your Military BUMP Helmet from Chase Tactical Today

Start training smarter today with a tactical BUMP helmet. Place any order of $150 or more receive free shipping. Find out more about our special pricing for agency, government, and business orders by requesting a quote. All of our products are perfect for high-risk scenarios as well as everyday use. Sign up for our newsletter to receive more information and great deals. Please contact us using our online contact form or email for any questions or concerns. Protect your head – and your life – order your tactical helmets from Chase Tactical today!

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