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M60/M249/SAW Ammo Pouches

Portable, automatic weapons are indispensable in modern warfare and defense, but they can be hefty and require two skilled hands to operate effectively. In the thick of battle, when faced with overwhelming odds, running to the supply line for ammunition to load into your squad automatic weapon (SAW) should be the last problem on your mind. Take full control of your SAW operations with an ammo pouch for M60, M249, and other light automatic weapon rounds.

Your trusted product buyers at Chase Tactical have selected battle-tested and combat-ready pouches to ensure that the next time you’re putting your life on the line with a light automatic weapon, you have the ammunition you need at hand to protect you and your unit without missing a second of the action. MOLLE-ready SAW ammo pouches are perfect for operators who work in highly dangerous scenarios, including law enforcement officers, infantry, tactical specialists, special forces, and national defense fighters.

M60/M249/SAW Pouch

    • Warrior Assault Systems M60/M249/SAW Pouch
      Warriors M60/ Minimi / M249 SAW Pouch has stiff inner and outer walls for easy loading and unloading. An internal Velcro divider can be repositioned or completely removed to provide various configurations. Each external side wall of the MSP is covered with 4 rows of reinforced MOLLE loops allowing t . . .
      $49.95 $38.95
      SKU: W-EO-M60

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