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M60/M249/SAW Ammo Pouches

Portable, automatic weapons are indispensable in modern warfare and defense, but they can be hefty and require two skilled hands to operate effectively. In the thick of battle, when faced with overwhelming odds, running to the supply line for ammunition to load into your squad automatic weapon (SAW) should be the last problem on your mind. Take full control of your SAW operations with an ammo pouch for M60, M249, and other light automatic weapon rounds.

Your trusted product buyers at Chase Tactical have selected battle-tested and combat-ready pouches to ensure that the next time you’re putting your life on the line with a light automatic weapon, you have the ammunition you need at hand to protect you and your unit without missing a second of the action. MOLLE-ready SAW ammo pouches are perfect for operators who work in highly dangerous scenarios, including law enforcement officers, infantry, tactical specialists, special forces, and national defense fighters.

M60/M249/SAW Pouch

    • Warrior Assault Systems M60/M249/SAW Pouch
      Warriors M60/ Minimi / M249 SAW Pouch has stiff inner and outer walls for easy loading and unloading. An internal Velcro divider can be repositioned or completely removed to provide various configurations. Each external side wall of the MSP is covered with 4 rows of reinforced MOLLE loops allowing t . . .
      SKU: W-EO-M60

Features & Benefits

Squad automatic weapons bring the power of heavy automatic weapons to smaller units and individual specialists – but only if you have the ammo to load them. Make sure you always do with a M60/M249/SAW ammo pouch and take advantage of:

Forward-Thinking Construction – Stiff inner and outer walls keep your pouch open and ready for easy loading and unloading

Customizability – Move and shift the Velcro inserts to pad your ammunition when you’re on the move and compartmentalize to diversify your access to arms

Choice of Camouflage – Choose from different camouflage types to help yourself blend in when launching ambushes and advanced tactical maneuvers

MOLLE Adaptability – Mix and match pouches with MOLLE integration so you ensure complete battle readiness

These pouches are larger, more customizable, and have different dimensions than other ammo pouch options. They are designed to give you fast, easy access to the extensive amounts of ammunition necessary to operate light automatic weapons effectively. Since SAWs demand a steady supply of ammo to keep them operating and maximum destructive capacity, you’ll need to integrate a SAW ammo pouch that works with MOLLE carry systems to continue to protect yourself and your unit.

How to Use

For warriors:

  • Deployed Combat – constant ammo supply means constant offensive pressure
  • Ambushes – minimize friendly casualties by maximizing ammo count
  • Escapes – cover your allies while maintaining escape posture

For adventurers:

  • Training – run trails carrying the weight of real ammo
  • Home Defense – defend against multiple terrorists
  • Utility – use your pouch as additional storage

Why Should I Buy M60/M249/SAW Pouches?

Automatic weapons, heavy or light, run through ammo too quickly for supply runs to be a viable mid-battle tactic when the need for additional ammunition arises. To prevent shortages of ammo in desperate situations and free your carrying hands to properly operate your SAW, keep a M60/M249/SAW ammo pouch handy and loaded with enough rounds to get you out of a tight spot. MOLLE integration for SAW pouches means you can carry large amounts of ammo without having to bear too much additional weight on the extremities that need stamina the most.

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Fully stock the ammo you need to fire your SAW and keep it close at hand with one of our pouches and we’ll send orders over $150 to your address without the shipping cost. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for additional information about the special pricing we keep available for our agency, government, or business friends, or talk to us to get a quote. All of the products we offer are manufactured for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email with any of your questions or concerns. You’ll never be stuck vulnerable behind your light automatic weapon again if you order your M60/M249/SAW pouches from Chase Tactical now!

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