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When warriors command the skies, they control the tide of battle. Expertly crafted tactical air ops and helicopter gear allows airmen and flight-qualified military and law enforcement personnel to perform their jobs as they are trained to do. Performing cutting-edge air strike and rescue techniques calls for precision air equipment such as skydiving pants and cargo systems. Things happen quickly in the air, and operators need to be able to rely on equipment that is well-constructed, can withstand the rigors of air travel, and help them get from sky to ground safely and ready for battle.

That’s why the Chase Tactical team chooses air ops gear so meticulously. Even with the most comprehensive training, air operatives can’t perform their jobs without equipment that stands up to heat, cold, high wind, moisture, and the wear-and-tear of the field. The air ops equipment we pick is military-ready equipment for use by professionals in law enforcement and national defense. We back our air rescue gear with pride and trust only the most influential brands to bring real battlefield equipment to the brave men and women who rely on Chase Tactical for tactical equipment.

Air Ops

    • Warrior Assault Systems Tactical Wrist Case
      The Warrior Tactical Wrist Case has been specifically designed for SF units and JTACs etc. It’s ideal for maps, building plans and target identification. It has a fully adjustable elasticated wrist straps for comfort.
      $33.82 $25.95
      SKU: W-EO-TWC

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