Do I Need a Plate Carrier or Chest Rig?

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Plate carriers and chest rigs provide U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, SOF, and Civilians with added protection and utility out on operations and homeland security. The needs of today’s modern operations require advanced systems that give users a constant advantage and maximum maneuverability. There are many considerations you should have when it comes to purchasing your plate carrier or chest rig, such as the functionality and protection that each offers and what features you’ll require most. Before purchasing your tactical carrier, it’s always important to take into account the logistics and objective of the mission to ensure that the tactical equipment provides adequate performance in the field. 

Why Would I Choose a Plate Carrier?

WARRIOR ASSAULT SYSTEMS DCS BASE PLATE CARRIERThere are several advantages that plate carriers offer Military and Law Enforcement personnel. Among the top features to look for in plate carriers is the ability to protect the upper body using integrated straps and adjustable loops. Velcro straps and other adjustable cords give the user the freedom to form the carrier onto the body for a more natural fit. When choosing your plate carrier, consider the body size and height to ensure that the panels cover vital organs. Another design element to consider when purchasing plate carriers are the textiles used. Since plate carriers are worn for extended periods of time, ensure that the fabrics are durable and that they feature breathable textures to let air flow freely into areas where friction can irritate the skin such as on your shoulders and back. If you are purchasing a plate carrier for your existing plates, it is important to consider the dimensions of the internal compartments to ensure that your plates will fit adequately. One of the most distinct features of plate carriers is the integration of protection and utility. Chase Tactical’s selection of plate carriers feature easy adjustments and compartments for other tactical gear like radios and hydration packs that are essential in the field.

Why Would I Choose a Chest Rig?

WARRIOR ASSAULT SYSTEMS FALCON CHEST RIGChest rigs offers an array of carrying compartments and straps that can accommodate tactical equipment of various sizes. The biggest difference between chest rigs and plate carriers is that chest rigs do not normally provide the body with complete ballistic protection, but provide tactical functionality. Chest Rigs normally offer the user front protection only, depending on the chosen chest rig. The use of chest rigs in military or law enforcement environments are ideal for loading vital tactical gear like ammunition, flashlights, command panels, or communication equipment with ease. Another common feature of chest rigs is the lightweight breathable materials that reduce points of friction of the body like shoulders and back. The selection of chest rigs offered at Chase Tactical are made out of high-grade textiles that are can endure wear and tear.

Should I Get Both?

There are a variety of benefits of choosing a plate carrier or chest rig.  Ultimately it comes down to mission requirements, flexibility and user preference.  Each operating platform has it’s own unique features. By choosing both you can maximize your tactical capabilities when on your next mission, training, or range day. 

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