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Hunting Sunglasses

by Skeleton Optics

// Made in Italy, tough and durable construction and cutting edge Tri-pel lens technology that is ANSI Z80.3 standard compliant. //

Made for Adventures
with No Boundaries.

Skeleton Optics sunglasses are reliable, durable and provide extraordinary vision quality. There is no substitute when it comes to lens technology, which is why all Skeleton Sunglasses feature polarized lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, and handcrafted frames designed and manufactured in Italy.


Designed for those who don’t go where the path leads, bur for those who instead forge their own trail.

Skeleton Optics is pleased to provide hunters and sportsman the Mossy Oak Winter® camouflage pattern Hunting Sunglasses. Mossy Oak Winter Break-Up takes concealment in the frigid months to a new level. Whether you are chasing monster whitetails in the snowy plains of Saskatchewan or perched in a barren tree line at the peak of the Missouri rut, the Scout Mossy Oak Winter Break-Up hunting sunglasses will get you closer.

Made in Italy Badge
Lens made by Carl Zeiss
Lens by Carl Zeiss

Super Durable Polycarbonate

The best combination of impact resistance, durability & performance.

Tough & Scratch Resistant

Premium hard coating lens protection against abrasion.

Glare-free visual clarity

100% Polarized for High Definition and visual fatigue avoidance

Tri-Pel Mirror + UV Protection

100% protection from UVA/B/C & Tri-Pel hydrophobic properties.

Skeleton Optic Sunglasses Frames

Skeleton Optics has invested in design and craftsmanship by creating proprietary design molds for its frame collection. Working closely with industry leading design and manufacturing companies from Italy, Skeleton Optics is committed to developing cutting-edge, ultra-light materials for outdoor enthusiasts. Our frames are manufactured with great attention to detail because they are critical in supporting the lenses that improve your vision.

  • Grilamid TR-90 (Frame Material)
  • Lightweight design
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Durable
  • 100% UV Protected
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Designed and Manufactured in Italy
Skeleton Optics Hunting Sunglasses

Skeleton’s injected frames are made by polymers of the highest quality: the most common ones are Grilamid® TR-90 (a transparent polyamide with advanced mechanical properties) propionate of cellulose Tenite (a polymer with low ecological impact), and Megol (sebs: a thermoplastic rubber). Individual parts are then hand polished and assembled into a whole frame.