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Wilcox is a New Hampshire-based defense equipment manufacturer. They are committed to finding solutions to technology shortfalls in existing law enforcement and military equipment, and they specialize in rapid manufacturing and computer-assisted design. Wilcox tactical equipment includes small arms systems, combat systems, and hybrid life support systems. The company also produces breathing apparatus, lightweight air tanks, and gun scope mounts.



All Wilcox tactical gear is designed, manufactured, and tested in-house at the company’s headquarters in Newington, New Hampshire. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment, including 3D models and robotics with custom-designed circuitry, to ensure all Wilcox products are built to the high standards of the special forces. During testing, Wilcox even simulates tough environmental conditions, such as salt fog, in order to make sure their equipment will continue to operate well in any situations military personnel may find themselves facing.

When you have an important job to do, there’s no room for error. When you choose Wilcox equipment from Chase Tactical, you’re getting innovative gear that will help you and your personnel stay safe and complete your missions without technical setbacks.

Order your tactical equipment from us today. We offer special pricing for agency, government, and business orders, as well as discounts for military and law enforcement personnel. As a small veteran-owned company, we also provide excellent customer service and fast delivery times. We keep Wilcox products in stock whenever possible, and all orders placed before 2pm EST will be processed the same business day.