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Viking Tactics is a US based tactical gear manufacturer that specializes in developing high-quality battle-proven gear, designed by warriors for warriors, with battlefield safety in mind. Our Viking Tactics gear selection features an array of slings, battle belts, and light mounts made with lightweight meshes, industrial grade metals, and high grade plastics that are engineered to withstand treacherous battlefield conditions.

Viking Tactics

    • Viking Tactics Battle Belt (VTAC Brokos Belt)
      Lightweight, comfortable, and adaptable to a wide range of holsters and accessory pouches, the VTAC Brokos Belt is made by Warriors for Warriors! The innovative and practical Viking Tactics Brokos Belt (VTAC-BB) was created for the kitted up gunslinger in the battlefield or on the range. Designed to . . .
    • Viking Tactics Lamb Universal Sling Attachment
      The Viking Tactics L.U.S.A. allows the shooter to select from four different attaching options. With the VTAC – L.U.S.A you can use a quick detach sling swivel, a conventional sling swivel, a hook, or simply run the sling through the sling loop. The VTAC-L.U.S.A. allows a wide variety of optio . . .
    • Viking Tactics Light Mount
      Consistent with the VTAC Mission, the Viking Tactics Light Mount was designed for today’s modern warriors- providing a light-weight and versatile option to mount a flashlight onto any Picatinny rail system. Made of a Modified Acrylic PVC Alloy Thermoplastic with high impact and abrasion resistant . . .
      SKU: VTAC-MK4
    • Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling
      The Viking Tactics Wide Sling provides added comfort for heavier firearms. Same great features as original sling. The Viking Tactics, Inc. Wide Sling was developed after listening to feedback from our customers. Customers with heavier firearms who wanted a wider, more comfortable sling with the same . . .
      SKU: VTAC-MK2

Viking Tactics slings feature wide straps that help distribute the weight of heavier firearms along the body to provide extra comfort during a mission. Theses straps are lined with lightweight closed cell foam to help absorb shock while in motion, making it easy and comfortable to carry even the heaviest of firearms. The slings feature a forward adjustable portion that allows users to make quick and easy adjustments, giving shooters more time to focus on the operation. Viking Tactics also offers a Lamb Universal Sling Attachment that offers four different attachment options, quick detach sling swivel, conventional sling swivel, hook, and hoop.

Viking Tactics battle belts are lightweight, comfortable, and adaptable to many holsters and accessory pouches that are ideal for the gunslinger on the battlefield or the range. Weighing only 8 ounces, these battle belts are made out of durable 500d Cordura, and are lined with 3D spacer mesh that provides extra shock absorption while in motion. Carrying heavy combat loads for long periods of time is easy with a 6-inch-high density plastic insert that reinforces the belt, and weaving slots allow the shooter versatility and free movement during a mission.

Browse our selection of Viking Tactics gear for your tactical needs and order yours today.