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Velocity Systems Armor and Tactical Gear

Velocity Systems came to be in 2007, a time in which forward-operating men and women were in constant need of rugged tactical gear at lightning speeds. Velocity committed itself to the manufacture of high-performing armor solutions that could be carefully built and disseminated with a remarkably short turnaround to United States Military Special Operations and law enforcement specialists.

Since its founding, Velocity has kept true to its name. The company never stops hunting for new ways to improve the quality of and speed up their processes. Owners of the company combine 75 years of special-use armor manufacturing experience to answer the call of operators on special duty as well as the everyday military members that protect our freedom.

While Velocity Systems prides itself on the ability of its teams to respond to the needs of the fighting men and women of the U.S. Military, it also keeps an inventory of off-the-shelf armor systems available for those who need protection right away.

Velocity Systems

      The new and improved Mayflower R&C APC! The super comfortable shoulder straps of the Velocity Systems Scarab meet the hardcore, high-speed functionality of the APC. The Assault Plate Carrier (APC) is designed to provide the wearer with a high degree of mobility while providing ample surface area . . .
      SKU: MF-PC
      The UW Chest Rig Gen IV is a low-profile mission focused vest built to be ambidextrous and designed to carry the following: 4 ea 5.56mm magazines, 2 pistol magazines, up to 2 small radios (PRC-152/MBITR) as well as two GP pockets. The H style harness features loops to route antennas, comms wires and . . .
      SKU: MF-CR1
      The Mayflower RC by Velocity Systems Law Enforcement Plate Carrier (LEPC) was designed for ultimate modularity. The vest was designed with limited Molle and elastic cummerbunds for a sleek and clean look. The vest has large Velcro ? loop blocks on the front and back for ID as well as a drag handle. . . .
      SKU: MF-LEPC
    • Velocity Systems Quad 5.56 SwiftClip® Placard, GP
      The Quad 5.56 Magazine Placard, GP is meant to be a smaller, lighter alternative to a full chest rig, and is a quick attach/detach option allowing the end user to quickly change weapon systems without removing the rest of his equipment (radio, med etc). The placard has upward facing male buckles to . . .
      SKU: MF-Q556PLAC
      The SCARAB Light’s shoulder straps were designed to alleviate the common fit issues often found with traditional sewn fixed angle shoulder straps. The SCARAB Light has narrow ULTRAcomp shoulder straps that articulate on a D-ring allowing them to sit correctly and comfortably on any user, regar . . .
      Velocity System’s Swift-Clip Kit SwiftClip is Velocity Systems patent pending attachment system that allows auxiliary equipment (Chest Rigs, Med Bags, E&E Bags, etc.) to swiftly clip on or off your base component whether it’s your Armor Vest, plate Carrier, LBV, etc. The SwiftClip sy . . .

Velocity Systems Product Lines

  • Velocity Systems Armor & Tactical Gear – Field-ready tactical gear made lightweight and easy to transport for large-scale, ultra-fast demand.
  • Velocity Systems Placards & Accessories – Barely-there placards for holding ready and empty clips and additional battlefield armaments. Chest rigs and accessories are also available for completing your tactical outfit.

Velocity Systems Armor & Placards Features & Benefits

Velocity Systems isn’t just about a quick turnaround; their products are also made to ensure that your battlefield experience is optimal as well. That means their equipment is easy-to-use, lightweight, battle-tested, and adaptable.

Because Velocity Systems armor and tactical gear has been made with the special operator in mind since its founding, men and women of military and law enforcement will find that the equipment’s features fit neatly into a host of mission types.

When you truly want to protect yourself from enemy fire and stay ready to retaliate, opt for military-grade equipment designed and manufactured by those with military experience. You can trust Velocity Systems with your life.

How to Use Velocity Systems Tactical Gear

Velocity Systems products are great for:

  • Extended Missions – stay moving for longer with light and tough armor
  • Deployment – beat cold and heat with breathable, light armor solutions
  • Stealth Missions – accessorize for stealth with some of the lightest gear available
  • Field training – dedicate more training time with lighter protection

Order Your Velocity Systems Placards & Armor from Chase Tactical Today

Outfit yourself for the modern battlefield with Velocity Systems tactical gear and we’ll send any order over $150 to you without the shipping costs. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for information on our special pricing available on government, agency, and business orders, or talk to us to get a quote.

Each one of our products is manufactured for use both in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday and adventure situations. Subscribe to our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email to address any questions or concerns. Get the latest in lightweight protection and accessory technology – order your Velocity Systems armor and gear from Chase Tactical now!