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Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) designs and manufactures high quality night vision equipment that gives users the ability to move, shoot, and communicate in total darkness. TNVC gear undergoes rigorous product testing to ensure performance and reliability out on the field. TNVC night vision gear is made using high quality materials and incorporates image intensification technology that uses specialized lenses that amplify light and use thermal imaging to unveil objects in pitch-black environments. Night vision gear can be easily mounted onto ballistic helmets and firearms for an added advantage over enemy threats. Chase Tactical proudly carries infrared laser tactical night vision gear from TNVC because of their exceptional performance on the battlefield.

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Warfighters, law enforcement, and civilians trust TNVC gear because it allows operators to approach target areas with confidence. Chase Tactical carries TNVC infrared night vision lasers that that can be used by operators in high surveillance area, giving the user added shooting precision. Night vision gear can help target objects up to 450 yards away, and are manufactured using astringent U.S. Military guidelines to meet the highest standards. The housing of tactical night vision equipment is made with high-grade polymers, glasses, and metals that is impact resistant to prevent accidental damage.

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