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For over 14 years, Tactical Assault Gear (better known as TAG) has manufactured state-of-the-art tactical gear for law enforcement and military personnel. Today, they are one of the fastest growing tactical suppliers in the US. They have made a name for themselves by using advanced materials and feedback from operators to reduce the weight of packs, load-out bags, and other TAG tactical gear. With lighter weight gear, you can still carry the supplies you need while significantly reducing your risk for heat stress, dehydration, back and neck pain, and knee, ankle, and foot injuries.

TAG - Tactical Assault Gear


Chase Tactical carries a wide range of TAG equipment and accessories, including load-out bags, assault packs, MOLLE hydration carriers, MOLLE radio pouches, and pistol mag pouches. When you need to carry a lot of equipment without being slowed down, TAG gear can help, and Chase Tactical can deliver that gear to you at an affordable price.

Never be without the gear you need in your line of duty: purchase your tactical gear today.