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The Source company began back in 1989 when Yoki Gill and his wife Daniella created the Source sandal design. The original name Shoresh is Hebrew for “Source”, which is where the company derived their modern name after Daniel Benoziliyo joined as partner. The company sells hydration equipment and sandals in 25 countries, some of which have now make the moniker Source synonymous with sandals.

20 years of experience in producing outdoor equipment, sandals, and hydration equipment has prepared Source to be an industry leader in hydration management product design. Their hydration systems product line is designed to provide clean, fresh water to outdoor enthusiasts, special operators, law enforcement specialists, and fitness competitors.

The Source hydration packs available at Chase Tactical are those that are used even by our own staff. We know that water is one of the warrior’s most precious resources. Without fast access to clear drinking water, operators cannot achieve mission success, especially in zones and climates that sap moisture and challenge the body’s ability to regulate temperature. That’s why we stock only the most effective and reliable Source Hydration equipment available.

Source Hydration

    • Source Assault 20L Hydration Cargo Pack
      High performance hydration Assault pack. Features: Generous main compartment with 1 large expandable back pocket. Pocket includes “storganizers” for organizing small items. Lightweight hipbelt for load stability. Dimensions: Width – 27 cm Length – 46 cm Max depth – 20 cm Features: . . .
      SKU: 401043
    • Source Double D 45L Hydration Cargo Pack
      SOURCE’s New “3 day pack” reconnaissance/assault cargo pack specifically designed for ballistic vest integration. A unique, removable “boomerang” shaped hip belt helps for facilitates increased load bearing capabilities and makes the Double D suitable for any mission. T . . .
      SKU: 4010790
    • Source Kangaroo 1L with Pouch
      The Kangaroo is a modular pouch canteen/hydration system that works where back mounted systems often do not. It has an exclusive 3 layer coextruded Polyethylene construction with Taste-Free™, low maintenance, Glass-Like™ liner, and Integrated Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial. It comes in a pouch eq . . .
      SKU: 4001510
    • Source Patrol 35L Hydration Cargo Pack
      3L / 100oz Hydration System | 35L Cargo A unique back system for stability and ventilation | Removable ergonomic waist belt for improved load distribution | Large main compartment for cargo | Two generous front pockets for easy reach | Padded shoulder straps | Sternum strap | Load stabilizers Advanc . . .
      SKU: 1-4010790
    • Source Pro 95L Special Bundle
      Pro 95L Special Bundle Pro 95L + WXP 3L Black + UTA The Pro 95L backpack was specially designed for long distance missions, to deal with heavy load, fitted to soldier equipment. The Pro 95L backpack was designed in accordance with the highest standards of features and materials. The Pro 95L bundle i . . .
      $440.00 $349.00
      SKU: 4252000300
    • Source Replacement Tube
      Insulated UV-block weave cover. Compatible with Source QMT™ Quick Mate Technology accessories.
      SKU: 61622300
    • Source Rider 3L Low Profile Hydration Pack
      Rider is SOURCE’s premier low profile hydration system. It is designed specifically for ballistic vest integration yet quickly converts for back carriage or ruck insertion. Maximum utilization of our low profile technology greatly reduces the depth of the carrier making it a true low profile . . .
      SKU: 4001690
    • Source Storm Valve Kit
      Angled no-bite push-pull with integrated shut-off mechanism. Unmatched flow, like drinking through a straw. Secure lock for storage New QMT™ valve tip, offers the convenience of disconnecting the valve so the tube can be easily woven through tight opening. Compatible with Quick Mate Technology (QM . . .
      SKU: 4509400
    • Source Tactical 3L Hydration Pack
      Our most popular hydration system. 3 usage modes: can be worn backpack style, inserted in rucks, or direct-attached to MOLLE on vests or rucks using Source QCA buckle system. Vertical front zipper for fast reservoir access. 1 1/2″ tuckaway shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap. Externa . . .
      SKU: 4000330
    • Source UTA – Universal Tube Adapter
      A revolutionary solution for refilling your hydration system on the move. The reservoir is filled directly through the tube eliminating the need to remove the hydration pack from the back for refills. Specs: Color – Olive Weight – 17 gr Diameter – 1.55″ / 40 mm Height – . . .
      SKU: 4503400000
    • Source WLPS 3L Low Profile Hydration System
      SOURCE’s new Low profile hydration pack, specially designed for ballistic vest integration. Maximum utilization of our low profile technology reduces the depth of the carrier making it a truly low profile hydration system. Dimensions: Length – 14.1”/36 cm Width – 9.8”/25 cm Max . . .
      SKU: 4504490
    • Source WXP 2L Valve Hydration System Black
      High performance 2L hydration reservoir system. Exclusive 3 layer coextruded Polyethylene construction with Taste-Free™, low maintenance, Glass-Like™ liner. Integrated Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial. Patented leakproof wide slide opening for easy cleaning, draining, ice insertion. Cool Cover Tube . . .
      SKU: 4500130102
    • Source WXP 3L Valve Hydration System
      High performance 3L hydration reservoir system. Exclusive 3 layer coextruded Polyethylene construction with Taste-Free™, low maintenance, Glass-Like™ liner. Integrated Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial. Patented leakproof wide slide opening for easy cleaning, draining, ice insertion. Tube Cover Insu . . .
      SKU: 4500130

Which Source Products Are Best for My Needs?

  • Hydration Backpacks – field-ready backpacks with incredible resistance to harsh climates and adapters that fit Source gear quickly and easily.
  • Hydration Bladders – specially constructed and coated high-performance water bladders that store water safely without contamination from bacteria and biofilm.
  • Tactical Adapters – devices that allow you to use Source gear with their bladders. Also for use with CBRN chemical warfare equipment.

Features & Benefits of Source Tactical Gear:

Every product, from the Source backpack to their bladder, boasts features that answer to the needs of those in remote areas away from water for long periods of time. Frequent users of Source hydration packs include military personnel, paragliders, bikers, and adventure racers. For all of these groups, drinkable, fresh-tasting water that is bacteria and bio-film free is a priority.

The smooth film that lines every Source hydration bladder employs Glass Like™ technology that resists the micro abrasions which cause your water to inherit a plastic taste. The Grunge-Guard™ offers permanent protection from bacterial growth inside of your hydration system, including any valves, tubes, and adapters through which your water passes. Source tactical gear is antimicrobial, tough, reliable, and long-lasting, so you can take your water anywhere from the depths of the jungle to the boundless tundra.

Common Applications for Source Hydration Products:

Hydration backpacks and bladders are great for:

  • Desert warfare – trek across dry plains with a full water supply
  • Sniping – hold your shot while you hydrate
  • Triathlons – drink without missing a step, stroke, or push
  • Mountain climbs – trek to the top without having to stop

Order Your Source Hydration Gear from Chase Tactical Today

Never go a moment without the water you need with Source tactical gear from Chase Tactical. Order today and we’ll send you any order over $150 with free shipping. If you’re part of a government, agency, or business ask us about our special pricing and request a quote. Chase Tactical products are amazing in high-demand scenarios or for everyday use. Sign up for our newsletter to get more information and learn about great deals. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us using our online contact form or email Stay hydrated with clean drinking water no matter where you go – order your hydration equipment from Chase Tactical today!