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The team of designers and researchers at PYNG Medical Corporation are focused on creating products for first responders that allow them to concentrate on treating medical conditions and recalling vital medical knowledge over deconstructing how to use medical products. There is also a strong emphasis on innovation among the PYNG Medical Corp team backed by a mission to pioneer ultra-fast and responsive medical technology. Products among include those used by all kinds of first responders, from EMS and hospital personnel to military field medics.

Chase Tactical believes in saving every life and limb possible. A wounded service member may have fought for his or her freedom, but that same operator should be able to enjoy the freedom for which he or she fought. Taking care of injured service members requires medical technology that is easily deployable, technologically sound, and medically effective, and PYNG Medical Corporation infuses every bit of their technology with these traits. That’s why our experts at Chase Tactical endorse and use these medical products.

PYNG Medical

    • MAT Combat Tourniquet
      MATCombat is Pyng Medical’s second generation tourniquet based on the award-winning design of Pyng Medical’s MAT® tourniquet, which was originally developed for the US Department of Defense. 8 REASONS TO CHOOSE MATCOMBAT: 100% blood flow occlusion in 30 seconds (as measured by Doppler, BP and O . . .

Product Lines

  • PYNG Medical Tourniquets – one of the most well-known and highly effective field-use products, the tourniquet features an award-winning design used by the US Department of Defense.

Features & Benefits

PYNG Medical Corporation’s vision is to be indispensable to first-responders no matter what branch of service they represent. Work toward their mission clearly shows in the features of their medical products. The tourniquets boast one-hand application for ease of use as well as lightning-fast blood flow occlusion as high as 100% in as little as 30 life-saving seconds. Even better, the fast-acting technology can be applied to multiple areas of the body.

It’s also field-ready with a superior security system that prevents slipping and loosening. Its lightweight and compact design is resistant to extreme conditions including ordinary battlefield conditions like mud and rain as well as extreme cold and ice. They can even stand up to impact on hard surfaces such as concrete. They are latex free, which prevents latex allergies from stopping the healing process.

How to Use

The products are great for:

  • Frontline missions – pull comrades from harm and begin healing fast
  • Infiltration – save life and limb from mines and snipers
  • Recovery – pull downed pilots from anywhere and treat them on-the-spot
  • First-response – from EMS to the emergency room, don’t lose anything you don’t have to

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Make sure you and your team are more than ready for the worst case scenario by stocking up on PYNG Medical products and we’ll send any order over $150 your way with free shipping. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for further information on discount pricing for business, government, and agency orders, or talk to us for a quote. Each one of our products is manufactured for use in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations. Sign up for our newsletter today for more information.  Please contact us from our contact page or email if you have any questions or concerns.