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Platypus is a brand of hydration packs developed and manufactured by Cascade Designs. Founded in 1972 by aerospace engineers Jim Lea and Neil Anderson in Seattle, Cascade Designs is a leader in developing innovative gear like the Platypus hydration system that can store water in any tactical backpack. Cascade Designs offers the latest innovations in gear like water bladders that prevent dehydration on the battlefield. Chase Tactical proudly carries hydration packs that can be retrofitted to many tactical deployment bags.

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    • Platypus Hoser 1.8L
      The workhorse of the Platy® family, our Hoser™ reservoir is the latest incarnation of a classic and versatile performer. It turns almost any pack into a hydration pack, or use it with a cap for drinking and cooking around camp. You can also customize it with a range of Platy accessories to suit e . . .
      SKU: P1388-1

Platypus water bladders are used by military and law enforcement officials to keep hydrated during outdoor excursions. This unique hydration system is manufactured using high quality BPA-free lining that reduces the taste of plastic when drinking water out on the field. The hose system allows users to access clean water though suction, all while keeping the user’s important tactical gear dry and safe in the bag. The hydration cap and hose system can also be used for dispensing water directly into pots for cooking, making it an essential component to any outdoor mission or excursion.

Prevent dehydration during your next mission; order your Platypus hydration bladders from Chase Tactical today.